Apple Announces Metal to Improve iOS Gaming

A new piece of tech called 'Metal' will improve iOS gaming to near console levels. Will iOS finally overtake the gaming market?

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hiredhelp1503d ago

No not there yet to overtake but getting rapidly progressively better and better each time they do is a step closer...

jujubee881503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I sincerely hope these companies push the tech further and more people get suckered into buying it.

The people who buy new flagship phones are suckers who get to spend hundreds on hw and equal (if not more) on phone plans ... but they are advancing mobile technology at a fast rate.

Ugh. I hate saying this but it's needed to advance the science. *spits* eww. *spits* ewwww (Is this what curroption tastes like?)

dcj05241503d ago

? Advancement requires money

bmf73641503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Okay first off, most features that the iPhone 6 has were already in a Google Nexus 4 in 2012. Second, other than better camera and the Metal API, iPhones have been playing catchup since the iPhone 4S.

(Metal API rant)
Metal is a better API than Mantle and DX12 because like the PS4's modified OpenGL, Metal directly interacts with the hardware to provide the best performance from a system. Basically, tapping into the "metal" of the phone's system. The tech demos of Cryengine 4 and Unreal 4 are just about as good as a game seen on an 8th gen system. However, seeing Bioshock on iOS, mobile phones still have many years of catching up to match the power of home consoles. Also, market standards for mobile gamers are completely different from console gamers. This is something even Nintendo is admitting to. Ryse or Unreal Tournament aren't for Candy Crush or Flappy Bird players, and in few cases, vise versa.

The investment in an iPhone 6 at this stage is investing into a better future to create a more "core" mobile gaming market than the overwhelming casual market it has now. Core gamers are more demanding to entertain than casual games and Apple is hoping the Metal API can draw developers to attract them.

gangsta_red1503d ago

It won't overtake the console market but as I have stated earlier these phones are improving at such a fast rate that we will definitely see current console graphics in the years to come.

Summons751503d ago

And yet cellphone gaming still doesn't and will never have a place in the real video game industry. Cellphone games are for soccer moms or learning games for young children, it will never reach deep well thought out and designed gameplay or have thought out stories. It's not relevant and will never be relevant.

cheameup1503d ago

I rememebr standing in the arcades and people said the same thing about consoles

monochromer1503d ago

That last sentence is hilarious, hyperbolic, and absolutely stupid. Who the fuck would ever think "I wonder if some iPhone tech is gonna kill off consoles that have an install base of over 150 million gamers?"

Baka-akaB1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Ohhh yeah baby , better specs than home console and close enough to some pcs . /s

But how about making interesting games and stuff beyond candy rush saga , angry bird , and lousy to ok ports of snes or ps1 oldies ?

When the world of mobile gameing , whatever amounts of money it generates , is going to have something more interest to hype than the likes of flappy bird , maybe i'll care

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