#GamerGate: We Don’t Need Kotaku, Polygon Threats, Says Indie Dev

One Angry Gamer "Times are strange right now. Proletarians are afraid to speak out. Media has a blackout on facts; suppressing the truth for their own wicked ends. Corporate powers stand silently in the shadows waiting for a break in the two-sided tension, neither helping nor hindering the movement from those who feel as if they are being oppressed, ostracized and attacked. One side cries and screams to be heard while being shouted down and demonized for not adhering to a proposed new world order.

Sounds like a stark recount from some 20th century central European history book, doesn’t it? What if I told you that’s exactly what’s happening right now in the gaming industry? Mind. Equals. Blown."

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LightDiego1499d ago

Great interview. Looks like the majority is sick of these sites accusing developers of misogyny for any stupid reason, look what they did with Dragon's Crown and are trying to do with the new Metal Gear, yes, these fools want to teach Kojima how to create a character and narrative too? lol
Sites like Kotaku, Gamespot and Polygon should disappear, they are not important in any way for the industry, just pushing your agenda with stupid complains, it's really easy to pretend to be a SJW being a corrupt at the same time.

donthate1497d ago

To be fair, Dragon's Crown was pretty bad and heavily sexualized.

Kojima tends to have an odd sense of style, as I have seen snake's old ass too many times, and well he does the same to women.