The new iPhone 6 Plus "will play games in higher resolution than next gen consoles"

Apple has already rendered the point and shoot camera near-obsolete. Are video game consoles next?

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gangsta_red1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I believe it. A lot of people laughed at the idea of phones having capable or comparable graphics to consoles but it can be done.

Phone tech is moving so fast that in a couple of years we will probably see PS4/Xbox One and beyond like graphics for them.

I wish though someone would make a phone slide that had a button and d-pad layout similar to Sony's xperia a while back. Instead of the controller add-ons we always see. Perhaps Sony and MS should go to this when they roll out their streaming services.

nicolesanders1595d ago

Moore's law ultimately prevails.

jujubee881595d ago

Moore's law has a limit and doesn't apply to all processors.

The advantage to do more will always go to stuff you connect and run off your home outlet because the mobile runs off just battery and battery chemistry is too stubborn to scale up to something like Moore's law. Some might disagree w/ me; this is just my anecdotal evidence of battery technology over the past years.

And y'all aint seen nothing, yet! ;) Soon in the next 5 years something big will come along in Silicon tech and people spending big on tech devices now will poop bricks once that thing arrives (specifically the consumer PC and mobile device "techies").

Hydrolex1595d ago

I did not believe in Darwinism until I read Gangsta_red's comment... True guys, we used to be monkeys, some are still stuck in that phase

Highlife1595d ago

You could take pong or other crappy mobile games and play that at 8k does that make it better than uncharted. There are so many effects that are missing terrible draw distances just because you up the resolution on a tiny screen doesn't make it the same.

ABizzel11595d ago



If I was in the audience and they said this at the conference, you would have heard the best LOL ever.

Utter BS, matching resolution with a N64 quality game vs. a PS4 quality game is not congruent.

NukaCola1595d ago

What will you do with all that "power" and not a button in sight? Angry Birds 4K?

Chrischi19881595d ago

Moores law is just saying, that we will have twice as many transistors on the same area, then 1 1/2 years before, but actually it is every 2 years and if we take it that way, it is for all processors, as it only says, how many nanometers a transistor has, like the newest with 14nm from intel.

And by the way, humans never ever used to be monkeys, many understand that wrong. There was an animal, that through evolution became a monkey and humans. In other words, we have the same forefathers with monkeys, but that forefather animal itself was no monkey.

AndrewLB1595d ago

Highlife- The iPhone 6, latest Android from Samsung, etc ALL have the ability to play pre-rendered scenes like ALL the "footage" that's been released of Uncharted 4. NONE of what has been released is actual gameplay, and I find it quite strange that a game 6 months from release has had ZERO actual gameplay shown to the public. The developer is counting on you and the rest of the hype bandwagon to maximize preorder sales numbers before they release what the game truly looks like while actually playing it.

gatormatt801595d ago

The iPhone 6 Plus has a 1080p screen. Exactly how is it gonna render games at a higher resolution than the next gen consoles?

mkis0071595d ago

Andrew, what game is 6 months from release? Uncharted 4 is second half of 2015.

ABizzel11595d ago


WTF are you talking about. Uncahrted isn't coming out until holiday 2015. And forget Uncharted 4, the iPhone 6 would struggle rendering Uncharted 1, 2, or 3 at the same settings of the PS3, let alone trying to render anything from a PS4.

Try keeping your inner fanboy to a minimum.

eovogt1595d ago

gatormatt80 next gen consoles cannot render games at 1080p

N4GDgAPc1594d ago


You are actually wrong. Not to long ago there was an article where someone made a battery that would last around 360hrs. Might be to high don't remember exact number but it showed it would last quite a bit of days before battery went out. Its small enough to put in a phone just have to implement it into the phone. Wonder how long it would take to charge something that would last 360hrs?

bradfh1594d ago

iphone 6 is outdated 1080p was last year, now most phones has Quad HD also has Extra storage unlike iphone.

UltraNova1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I have a modded version of Tetris running at 8K which a super geek friend of mine made as a UNI project.

Well my Apple supporters and believers I still find early NES games to be a lot more advanced and good looking than that...

So even if Angry Birds runs at 16K for that matter on the iPhone it wont get near the worst (graphical fidelity) game on the ps3/360 era let alone the current one.

Lets not kid our selves you cant overcome heat and battery drainage issues on a ~130 gram device with the required processing grunt trying to run console level visuals.

bouzebbal1594d ago

Angry Birds in super high def? what a waste!
i will stick with my consoles i dont eat apples.


One word: LOL
And even if true (which won't OBVIOUSLY) I still won't get this phone wi=hich is the same phone from years ago with just a number 6 on it (hell no, there aren't even numbers on it). Apple fanatics are the worst in the tech world: even if apple sells the same old firts iphone and just changes its name like: ukltra high tech rettro iphone, and they will still be amazed by it and defend it. Apple fanboys, just get a real console and/or a gaming PC if you can afford such overpriced BS.

egidem1594d ago

But that's just the thing. I don't care how much processing power they put in these cellphones. At the end of the day, they are going to remain that: cellphones.

I can't honestly categorize them along with portables, such as the 3DS, PSP, Vita etc.

DevilOgreFish1594d ago

egidem - "
But that's just the thing. I don't care how much processing power they put in these cellphones. At the end of the day, they are going to remain that: cellphones.

I can't honestly categorize them along with portables, such as the 3DS, PSP, Vita etc."

the difference is that you get to keep your games when you upgrade phones.

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GarrusVakarian1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

"Phone tech is moving so fast that in a couple of years we will probably see PS4/Xbox One and beyond like graphics for them. "

Haha, what the hell? The Bioshock port for IOS doesn't even look as good as the 360 version, which released in in the hell will phone visuals overtake current-gen consoles any time soon? There's no way you actually believe that.

"A lot of people laughed at the idea of phones having capable or comparable graphics to consoles but it can be done. "

But this isn't talking about graphics, though, it's talking about resolution. They may have games that are running at higher resolutions than PS4/X1, but those games won't (and can't, given the hardware) look anywhere near as good as what the PS4/X1 offer in terms of overall visuals and framerates. Then the question is if those games are running natively, or being upscaled to the iPhone's native screen size.

This is just a really odd thing to boast about...because they know full well that the type of games that will be running in resolutions higher than what the PS4/X1 offer will be the most basic of games, graphically. They should try running Metro Redux, Infamous SS, Killzone SF, Ryse, Driveclub, FH2, Quantum Break at their native resolutions and framerates, with identical graphical settings, then they can boast.

Until then, enjoy 4K Angry Birds.

mixelon1594d ago

Bioshock wasn't made for only the most recent devices. If it had been there's no reason to think it wouldn't have performed much better.

But yeah.. Needs beefier games.

Saying that, the battery drain from PS3/4 level games would make it something I'd not often want running on my phone anyway.

MoveTheGlow1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

The point of Metal is to kick the shoddy visuals you're citing out of games made for the new iPhones, though. Also, there's a ton of great independent games on the iPhone that you can't get anywhere else, my favorites being Ridiculous Fishing and Wayward Souls (okay, WS will be on PC at some point, but I love using that as a time-waster in lines and waiting rooms).

Are the graphics high-tech on those games? Absolutely not. Do I enjoy them infinitely more than something like Watch Underscore Dogs? Absolutely. If anything, the day I get an iPhone 6+ will be the day I replay all of Ridiculous Fishing, because my preferences lie with game design first. And no, Angry Birds won't rear its head on my phone, more because I'm kinda awful at physics puzzlers than anything else.

nX1595d ago

Judging by his comment history probably not. Sad how delusional some people are.

2pacalypsenow1595d ago

IMsure the xbx1 and Ps4 could play candy crush in 4k

ikk471594d ago

I beg your pardon, make that 12k

Gamer19821595d ago

Whats the point though of such a high resolution on such a small screen?? Its the same with $k on anything smaller than a 42" there no point to it. They up the resolution as a selling point nothing more as they are running out of ideas to shift a new phone when sales dry up of old models.

annoyedgamer1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I can run a still image in 4K. That doesn't mean it is a better game those released on consoles. In fact it is not a game at all.

anwe1594d ago

Exactly. Big difference between "games" and the exact same games as consoles in higher resolution.

Magicite1595d ago

by next-gen consoles they mean PS5 and others?

kneon1595d ago

Sure phone tech is advancing, but so is all tech.

Phones, tablets and to some extent even laptops have serious power, space and heat constraints. What that means is that anything that can be done in a phone can be achieved in a console or pc at a lower cost, or for the same cost they can provide higher performance.

gangsta_red1595d ago

Tablets and phones come out at a much faster rate than consoles ever will. Sure, devs will find ways to squeeze out better performance and graphics in consoles but they will always be stuck with the same hardware to do that.

Phones on the other hand are constantly evolving and newer phones seem like they are dropping on the market every week with better and improved tech. By the time these console are ready to hit their next successor, phones will be way ahead.

I mean just look at where hey were when 360 released? Everyone thought that they would never take over a mobile dedicated handheld market and they absolutely did.

Sorry I can't reply to the other comments.

ABizzel11595d ago


Please just stop it, you're making yourself look bad.

Yes phone and tablet tech advances fast. However, they're just now getting to the point where they can run PS360 level games, and they can't even do that well. Tegra K1 is the cream of the crop for mobile processing, and while it hasn't been fully utilized yet it's processing power while up there with the PS360 is questionable at best.

Compared to the 360 it has less SPUs (though NVIDIA generally gets by using less, but still outperforming AMD), half the ROPs of the 360, half the TMUs of the 360, almost 1/4 the Gigapixels/s of the 360, and less memory bandwidth.

The only thing it's comparable or better than the 360 in is with is Compute Units which are equal, Gigatexels/s which it's just a tad behind, GFLOPS, and memory holds 2+ GB, while 360 is locked at 512MB.

Mobile has to surpass PS360 first, then catch Wii U, then catch todays APUs, then catch XBO aka low-end PC range, then catch PS4. They're nowhere near that. Even if it jumped like that every year, there would be a PS5, XB?, and Nintendo? out or revealed.

Based on the current trend mobile technology jumps ever 2 years, so mobile could realistically we can have near XBO tech in mobile by 2020, and surpass consoles by 2024. But again by 2024 we'll have new consoles around somewhere around the 10TFLOPS mark by then.

Spotie1595d ago

Except for the whole energy consumption thing.

Oh, and the ability to run the same game at the same resolution with the same effects. Mobile won't have that ability any time soon, if ever.

Yeah, besides that and a few other things, you're absolutely right...

ABizzel11595d ago

LOL, I laughed so hard when I saw this, and anyone who believes they're similar are just as ignorant as the person who made this comment.

Yes phone games can play at the same resolution at next-gen consoles; however, when the average mobile game in rendered with the same quality as a N64 game or PSOne game then how on earth is the comparison similar.

A PS4 quality game on iPhone 6, would crash the phone at the main menu screen. A Wii U quality game on the iPhone 6 will crash the phone. A PS360 quality game on the iPhone 6 will crash the phone, however, it should be capable of PS360 quality games with extremely reduced geometry, shaders, and a lower resolution if the GPU is really 50% OVERALL more powerful.

Chrischi19881595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Dumb comparision... even the resource hungry smartphone games, dont even the slightest bit offer the same kind of visuals and are not as hungry as full PC or console games. This again just proves, that the whole resolution talk is just marketing and for people who think they know something, even though they dont. Graphics is so much more than just resolution and framerate.

deSSy27241595d ago

haha maybe higher resolution, YES.

But at the same time with worse textures, lighting, less polygons etc (you name it).

Mark my words.....

3-4-51595d ago

And by games he means " glorified distraction apps"

sourav931595d ago

Lol even an Intel HD 4000 can probably run better looking games than mobile phones...

gameDevWannaBe1594d ago

iphone + hdmi + wireless controller = new console lol nice!

user56695101594d ago

Res doesn't matter anymore?

assdan1594d ago

Well, they're still behind last gen so....

VealParmHero1594d ago

Really? you think this? You do realize in the case of phones and tablets it's the tiny screen that allows games to display at such high resolutions. Sure they have come a long way and there is nothing wrong with that, but mobile is a very long way out from looking like mid-range PC, xbox one and ps4. It's funny how companies see just how important a metric resolution has become. I mean a high res screen on an iPhone is enough to overcome high-quality AAA titles using dynamic lighting etc. with a big-screen, surround sound and dedicated gaming servers....pppfffft

kingPoS1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Yep at the rate were going, battery tech won't be able to keep up. People want their phones to do more, become slimmer, but oh, nevermind the battery, the heart of it all. If the OS can't squeeze out any more juice, what then? A fancy phone, that can sprint.. for oh so long.

Processors, they be a rightful hungry beast, the very brain of a phone. If deprived of what they seek, they stutter, stumble and fail to deliver.


The moment I start up a demanding app, I lose 2% of battery within 5 minutes.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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Nyxus1595d ago

How many times has the end of consoles been predicted now? And yet, PS4 had the most successful launch in console history.

ginsunuva1595d ago

No one ever said end of consoles. It said the phone can output simple mobile games in above 1080p, which is not that hard. Of course consoles and pcs can run mobile games that high too.

Resolution is not a measure of power, it's how much power you allocate toward display rather than graphics processing or framerate.

Nyxus1594d ago

It was in response to this:

"Apple has already rendered the point and shoot camera near-obsolete. Are video game consoles next?"

VealParmHero1594d ago

TO be fair, the new consoles could display simple games at the same or better resolutions. But who would want to play higher-res games that look half as good?

-Foxtrot1595d ago

Couldn't care less...I just like to sit down with my consoles, with a controller in my hand and enjoy playing a game on the big screen. Not a tiny little device with touch controls.

Neonridr1595d ago

but who's to say in the near future you wouldn't pair your phone to your TV and just play whatever you phone is playing up on your big screen with a bluetooth controller..

darthv721595d ago

While not exactly the same idea...there is the example of the PSP GO.

you could connect it to a tv and use a sixaxis controller.

so if anyone is capable of making a dual purpose mobile device that can double as a console then it likely is sony.

ABizzel11595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Mobile isn't there yet, and it won't be for at least another next year it should finally be able to offer performance that truly rivals PS360 and approach Wii U. With the year after it should be able to rival Wii U.

You can pair a NVIDIA Shield Tablet to you HDTV now, and do exactly what you're talking about. The game just aren't there, and the CPU processing isn't quite there, which is why I said next-year it should be hitting PS360 performance (mainly thanks to the CPU upgrade to Denver, and having 2GB / 3GB/ 4GB of memory compared to 512 for the consoles).

However, claiming the iPhone 6 to be this 1080p gaming god, when it's GPU performance is barely over half of the Tegra K1, is LOL worthy.

Neonridr1594d ago

@ABizzel1 - the biggest difference is what you mentioned there, the games. Unfortunately mobile gaming isn't quite there yet. And while I have played some fantastic games on my phone and/or tablet, they still don't compare to playing games like TLOU or Zelda.

I wasn't bringing that up like I believed it was a good substitute or anything, just mentioning that it won't be long before we see that sort of thing mainstream.

Axonometri1595d ago

My apologies, I don't understand the language you are using.