Super Smash Bros for 3DS & Wii U: The Hype Continues

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS makes a convincing argument on whether or not to obtain or refrain. These few details may push you over the edge.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1597d ago

I'm getting both because of the version-specific features, (stages, modes, etc) but the one I'm looking forward to most is obviously the Wii U version.

TheVideoGamHer1597d ago

I wonder what the Wii U version will have to top Smash Run lol.

ZeekQuattro1597d ago

I'm very curious too since they chose to omit a story mode in favor of who knows what?

3-4-51597d ago


The Wii U is the main version I'll play but I'll most likely have characters on each I use more on each console.