Firing Squad: Haze Review - Killing Those Brain Cells

Firing Squad writes: "
If not for the loads of people who are buying the PS 3 for use as a Blu-Ray player, I'd almost feel sorry over Sony has to make do with crap exclusives like Haze. While Xboxers have a blast with Mass Effect and more, PS 3ers get second-raters like this sci-fi shooter from the TimeSplitters guys at Free Radical. You've really got to wonder if the PS 3 exclusivity crushed morale in a "Hey, why put in an effort since nobody's going to play this game anyways?" fashion, as this dumb spectacle is a pale shadow of the superb work that some of the developers here put in on Rare classics like GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark.

I could just about feel my brain cells dying with each level I played. On the surface, however, the story is actually somewhat appealing. The year is 2048, and you're in the combat boots of Sergeant Shane Carpenter, a super-soldier in the employ of the Mantel Global Industries. This multinational corporation has taken over for national armies and the UN, so its army is the sole military power on the globe. One of Mantel's biggest assets is Nectar, a substance that enhances senses and makes troops stronger, better soldiers in just about every way…if you don't take too much of it, that is, and totally lose your marbles."

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JoelR4692d ago

wow... do these guys not realize the PS3 has better exclusives then Haze?

Drekken4692d ago

it does??? I thought the only exclusives were haze and lair... weird lol

LinuxGuru4692d ago

Haze was better than this review suggests.

People need to stop reviewing games based upon past developer work and hype.