Chroma Squad Preview | GIZORAMA

Tim Allen, GIZORAMA - "The long-beloved Japanese TV tradition of tokusatsu (serialized Japanese television utilizing intensive effects – literally special filming) has persisted in America at least since our dads watched Ultraman growing up, but it arguably took the strongest hold on our shores in the 90s with the advent of Power Rangers and its various offshoots/imitators (I was always terribly fond of Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, myself). Colorfully dressed sentai warriors doing battle with floppy rubber monstrosities while firework explosions detonated and inaccurately dubbed dialogue provided flimsy excuses for what we watched – needless to say, children everywhere were immediately enthralled. But have you ever wondered exactly how much work must go into these things, no matter how shoestring the budget?"

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