Assassin’s Creed Unity Interview: Developing The Most Ambitious Assassin’s Creed Game Yet

"There is no doubt that Ubisoft Montreal are developing their most ambitious Assassin's Creed project yet. Unity not only promises to have a bigger world but will also feature an in-depth level design unseen in previous games. They are also revamping several of the gameplay's core mechanics and introducing a four player co-op and a tactical cover system."

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guyman1590d ago

"With much emphasis on co-operative elements, there is less information about the game’s single player campaign. Can you share details on the same?"

Mega facepalm. The developer has made it absolutely clear since its reveal that single player will be the most important part of the game. Co-op is optional, this has been constantly stated by ubisoft

bixxel1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Yeah.They're asking a dumb question.Like as if they weren't up to date with the latest news.It's like asking: Is there a new AC game coming out this year?