Can Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One Sales Beat Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PS4 Sales?

It will be an interesting battle to watch out for, Uncharted is a well established and top rated franchise of all times, and with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Naughty Dog has promised a more personal journey of Nathan Drake. On the other hand, Tomb Raider's reboot "2013" was very well received by critics and fans, especially the Definitive Edition, so fans are expecting Crystal Dynamics to take it to another level with the next installment i.e. Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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MitchellK1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Lol really? I highly doubt that will happen. I really enjoyed the tomb raider reboot and I'm sure the new one will be good aswell but there are more ps4s than xbox ones sold and I feel like that won't change this gen and uncharted is one of sonys biggest franchise while tomb raider isn't one of microsofts.

u got owned1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

not a chance. UC its just too big of a franchise and one of Sonys' poster boys.

Thatguy-3101501d ago

Then throw in the fact that the IP sold the most on the PlayStation system. Uncharted will just cannibalize it in sales. Hence the reason Square didn't want it to release it at the same time on Sony's console.

cfc781501d ago

More chance of Ms doubling Sonys PS4 sales by christmas 2014 than TR beating Uncharted in sales.

darthv721501d ago

RoTR will sell on xb1 but lets be realistic. Uncharted is the bigger game that fans are looking to get.

MrPink20131501d ago

Both games may end up being excellent but the difference will be in potential sales and it looks very unlikely the Xbox One will be close in overall hardware sales by then.

NewMonday1501d ago

when Dead Rising 3 can't beat Knack sales, then TR has no chance

darren_poolies1500d ago

How is this even a question? It won't even come close to U4 sales.

ramiuk11500d ago

exactly and the people that was playing "last of us" for 1st time on ps4,they gonna by anything with ND name on it.
still suprised a UC collection hasnt been announced

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AceBlazer131501d ago

XB1 sales can't even beat ps4 sales much less a game.

rainslacker1501d ago

Each Uncharted game(an exclusive) has sold more than the first Tomb Raider reboot across multiple platforms. Except one. I think TR was a late bloomer, but I don't see it happening. I'm sure both will be good games though.

avengers19781501d ago

Plus Halo 5 is supposed to be out around then. Xbox fans will buy that a lot more than Tomb Raider.

greenlantern28141499d ago

Yup, Halo 5 is a system seller TR is not.

jjonez181501d ago

I'm more interested in how well Uncharted 4 will fare against Halo 5 sales wise. Can Uncharted break past TLOU's current 8m and move on to Halo's pretty consistent 9m? And what about Smash? Which of the big three's biggest exclusives will reach the glorified 10m first/ at all?

greenlantern28141499d ago

Good question. However for Smash to get there Nintendo has to move like 3 million WiiUs and have everybody that owns it buy that game. I guess in time they might sell enough WiiUs to get their but the attached rate will still have to be pretty high.

700p1501d ago

yes it can. If they market it well, it can. :)

FlunkinMonkey1500d ago

Just like the money poured into marketing Titanfall right? No. Delusional.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891500d ago

I'm surprised nobody is mentioning the fact that uncharted 4 might be the last of the series so you'd think the last game of a brilliant series would sell an epic amount. My guess is Uncharted 4 will sell the most of the series.

CaptainObvious8781500d ago

I think a more relevant question is... Will this timed TR title do anything to sell more consoles?

And I would have to say no.

Magicite1500d ago

if they would ask - can halo5 beat UC4, then that would be a reasonable question, but TR = no chance.

TheWatercooler1500d ago

Not going to happen. I actually think that Uncharted 4 is in a position to even outsell halo 5.

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CerealKiller1501d ago

No way! Rise of the Tomb Raider sales on all consoles may not even beat Uncharted 4 sales.

HanzoHattori1501d ago

This question again? Rise Of Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive on a console with an unconfirmed install base of around 5 million and Tomb Raider isn't a system seller. The Uncharted series is Exclusive to PlayStation, which has a confirmed install base of 10 million and the Uncharted series commonly known as a system seller. Now which game do YOU, the author, think will end up selling consoles?

Akuma2K1501d ago

Agreed.....Uncharted 4 is gonna sell like crazy, just like Rise Of The Tombraider will sell like crazy when the PS4 version comes out.