Top 5 Horror Games

Anthony Ferrero looks back over his gaming life to find the 5 most horrifying games in his collection

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Tzuno1500d ago

Ah resident evil 2 when the horror games were really scary.

CD64051500d ago

Meh,I don't think games today are any less scary than RE2, we just weren't used to seeing that type of game back then.

If you play it nowadays, it's just jump scares.

The only RE I found Scary is Nemesis, and that's because Nemesis never stops chasing you.

Scissorman821500d ago

I still hold Clock Tower and the original Silent Hill as the only games that genuinely scared me. But that of course changed when P.T. came along...

CD64051500d ago

Is clock tower the game where you keep dying and you have to keep going back in time to stop it?

WeAreLegion1500d ago

Decent list. I still don't find Eternal Darkness scary though. It's a great game with an interesting story, but scary? No way. Fatal Frame II, Outlast, Penumbra, Amnesia, Siren, Manhunt, Condemned, Silent Hill 2, Scratches, and SCP-870 are much scarier to me.

CD64051500d ago

What killed Outlast for me was the bad enemy design. It was scarier when I didn't see them, but after seeing them, I thought they just looked "blah".

Omnisonne1500d ago

I definitely agree with Amnesia, I literally had to force myself through some parts. No game ever made me feel that tensed lol

P.T is a close second though, therefore im praying the full game will play similar to the teaser

TongkatAli1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

P.T, Silent Hill and Siren Blood Curse.

I can't think of two more.