FIFA 15 PC demo released, now available on Origin

As foretold by the prophets (or by an Origin news post, anyway) the FIFA 15 PC demo is now available. You can download it for free by heading to Origin’s “demos and betas” page within the client.

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Deividas1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Played it...their Ignite Engine is just as bad as ever. Doesnt seem much improved over Fifa 14 which is a shame.
There is nothing in this game to warrant those requirements. Glad they brought their new engine to the PC finally but damn...plays horribly.

iistuii1499d ago

I like it, actually runs perfect maxed out which is good too.

Deividas1499d ago

Oh yea it does run smoothly on maxed out, pretty easily too, not sure why the requirements on it are that high. I mean for PC, its a good one because they finally did include the new engine, SO much better than that other stuff. But animations could be so much better...kinda stiff...

ProjectVulcan1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

GKs are seriously OP compared to FIFA 14. They just save everything. They position perfectly. They get an arm or a hand or a foot to....everything.

The ball rebounds away ever so softly each time as well which makes it vastly harder to snaffle one.

The defence AI is as dumb as ever, but the GKs are so supercharged you'll get a million chances and they'll save tonnes.

Also, the speed players are over powered again. FIFA 14 mitigated that somewhat, but in 15 you can run clear past slower players with fast ones and you can't get close. It's amazing.

iistuii1499d ago

@vulcan. I play on world class & have scored many goals against the goalies. Also this year the shots need to be placed more, that's why the goalie is snuffing them out. Need to get it on the player correct foot for more accuracy. As for the pace, it's correct this year. If Messi or Pedro for eg has skinned a big 6foot6 defender & is through on goal there's no way they should be caught by him, that used to annoy me for years..

iistuii1499d ago

Takes a couple of plays, but I think it's better than last years.

ProjectVulcan1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I scored plenty of goals but the goalkeepers are highly powered compared to previous games. There is no question about it. Even if you line up the shot and get perfect contact from outside the box the keepers rarely fail to get something on it.

As for the pace thing, the differential is too large again. I'm not talking about selling someone the wrong way and getting in, I'm talking about just running past a slower defender like they aren't there and they can't get close to you.

FIFA 14 had the pace balance almost perfect, this just opens the whole pace whore can of worms from earlier FIFAs again.

iistuii1499d ago

We will just have to agree to disagree. I was in the beta & was really worried as the goalies were either superman or pathetic & the shooting was awful. But the lead man came on the forums to assure us they had sorted it out & that we were in fact playing an older build. The demo is way above what I was playing in the beta & maybe they will tweak it further for release, but I'm pretty happy about the demo so far, the more I played it, the better it felt.

gamernova1499d ago

It plays awesome. The only bad thing I noticed was that there is some bug which has a single player from the opposite squad that takes off by himself and single handedly tried to take down your entire defense with sudden turns and odd dodging. It's a minor glitch. I like the cinematics but they can be rage inducing when you're trying to tie a match. The goalies are significantly better and the body to body plays are actually not fouls anymore and are real battles.

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