Destiny: All New Bungie Codes Available For Now

Destiny developer Bungie has been giving out free cards at various tradeshows over the past two years that have a code on the back. Turns out, these codes can be redeemed on Bungie’s website.

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Dontworrybhappy1499d ago

Anyone wanna help me out on where i can get my exclusive emblem for playing a shit ton of Halo games?

Eonjay1499d ago

You know, it would be clever for Microsoft to package the MCC with Destiny emblem codes.

BlackWolf121498d ago

You got all those Halo games exclusive in the first place, plus the 'shit tonne' of play time.

So stop your belly aching child.

Palitera1499d ago

I can't believe I clicked...

Not new at all. Same list than three days ago.

Specter2291499d ago

I didnt see the Emblem or Shader codes listed a few days ago so those are new to me at least.

Palitera1499d ago

I have all of these and only used the links provided here on N4G. Might have been an update on those articles.

SmielmaN1499d ago

I was happy to redeem all of these codes so kudos for throwing them up again!

nunley331499d ago

There's a few new codes there i redeemed, thanks.

TheGreatAndPowerful1498d ago

Emblems and shader codes were new to me so, thanks!

When I go to my profile page > codes section there's a blue button that says 'use now' so redeeming the codes wasn't enough? -_-

rivencleft1498d ago

When you click 'use now' online, in-game you go to Tess Everis the special orders vendor and pick them up, she's right next to the Postmaster.

TheGreatAndPowerful1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Thanks for the info! :)

lnfiniteLoop1498d ago

gained one code... all others I already had... thx