BBC Click Reviews The PS3.

The PlayStation 3 has finally arrived, in the US and Japan at least; European gamers will have to sob uncontrollably into their hankies until next March, the poor souls.

From the review: "After spending some time getting intimate with the PlayStation 3 I am pleasantly surprised.

As you would expect, the games look and play well, and you get a Blu-ray player for under £1,000.

On paper this machine has got a lot of horsepower under the bonnet. The biggest drawback I can see with the PS3 is the price; $599 in the US and £425 in the UK for the 60GB version is a hefty chunk of change.

However, the PS3 is a good machine. If the 360 is the Sherman tank of next-gen gaming then the PS3 is a Ferrari.

It would be impossible for any machine to live up to the hype that Sony has lavished on the PS3, and getting to market first means Microsoft have managed to give Sony a bloody nose, but now that the PS3 has finally arrived, I think it is likely that the PlayStation 3 will eventually deliver a knockout blow to the opposition."

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PS360PCROCKS4374d ago

"A simple and slick interface which is easy to navigate, it puts Xbox 360's confusing and ugly menu screens to shame."

Lol what a total idiot, anybody who doesn't know how to use to 360 interface is a total moron. Not only is it simple, it's 4 screens and all you do is press right/left to move side to side but everything is completely organized, and it's also not ugly...sorry I just dont know what he is talkin about

Boink4374d ago

to anyone who is used to the PSP's interface, it will be quite easy to use, as they are pretty much the same.

but kinda odd this dude says it is so easy, yet everyone else complains about it.and to call the 360's interface confusing has me kinda doubting his opinion.

but it's his opinion and he's entitled to it.

power of Green 4373d ago

PS3 fan has to dig up anything he can to make himself feel good about buying the PS3. lol

testerg354373d ago

ONE good review of the machine. But the guy didn't really seem to have played a lot with the console. Every other reviewer complained how many steps it took to navigate the PS3 UI.... oh well

CG4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Every review i've read so far has said how the ps3 interface is:

-Not easy or intuitive to setup

And now this idiot is trying to say its better than the 360's interface lol the fool must be on another planet, probably the same one as ps3fan.

Marriot VP4373d ago

you can sum all that up into one word...


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The story is too old to be commented.