Google easily extending dominance to mobile search market

Ars Technica reports: Google managed to spank the rest of the mobile search world during the first quarter of 2008, according to data from Nielsen Mobile. The search giant managed to capture 61 percent of the mobile search market in the first four months of the year, with Yahoo! taking a very distant second at 18 percent. MSN sat at third place with a measly 5 percent.

The data comes almost four months after Google said that the number of mobile searches coming from iPhones was 50 times higher than any other handset. The discrepancy was so large that the company had engineers double-check the logs to make sure it wasn't a mistake, but it turns out that it was all true. Despite the fact that smartphones have existed for far longer than Apple's, it seems that-according to Google's data-folks hadn't been using the Internet (and, in turn, search engines) on their mobile devices like they are in the post-iPhone world.

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StalkingSilence3959d ago

Timely article with the release of PSP firmware 4.00 featuring Google Internet Search implementation into the XMB. Actually, this article is about the "mobile search market" - I presume only mobile phones were included, even though PSP (and iPod Touch) are mobile devices.