Chart-Track: MGS4 had "minimal" impact on UK PS3 sales

Despite going straight in at number one in the software charts and being the biggest PlayStation 3-exclusive release so far, Metal Gear Solid 4 has failed to prove a major driver of hardware in the UK, with Chart-Track revealing a "minimal" spike of seven percent over its opening weekend.

The UK sales monitor revealed last night that Konami's hugely anticipated blockbuster, which released worldwide last Thursday (June 12), has become the second fastest-selling PS3 title in the UK after Grand Theft Auto IV, and 14,000 short of the opening weekend figure recorded by Metal Gear Solid 2 on PS2 in 2002.

Speaking to, Chart-Track director Dorian Bloch played down the game's impact on hardware, revealing: "There's not a lot to say about it – it had minimal impact really. Units were up by seven percent."

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resistance1003774d ago

Thats a shame, it does appear that it hasn't moved massive amounts of units in Europe however in Japan and USA its a complety different story.

shine13963774d ago

lack of advertising I suppose...

clintos593774d ago

Euro dollars is alot of money. Still good to see the game on top of the charts. Also do remember its only been a few days, so it still has time to sell.

LeSouteneur3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Ever since GT5 Prologue came out, a huge spike for the PS3 in the UK already occurred. GTAIV and MGS4 just followed this curve.

For the disagrees, here's proof:

"PlayStation 3 sales went up by 14 per cent for week 13, after going up 73 per cent the week before. Xbox 360 sales were down by 11 per cent,” said Chart Track boss, Dorian Bloch."

So according to this, GT5P didn't do much for the PS3, because the second week was only 14% above the last week which was 73%!

gaffyh3774d ago

I haven't seen enough advertising for this game, whereas Halo 3 was advertised everywhere, and there is a DS or Wii advertisement on TV every hour. Sony really need to use some money for advertising.

NO_PUDding3774d ago

Chart-Track are really dodgy becuase they only use basic retailers, liek Woolworths and Argos. Not even GAME or Gametstaion.

Eitehr way, clintos59, what planet are you on? Euro dollars? What the hell are they? It's Euro or nothing.

CrazzyMan3774d ago

Then i`m fine.
MGS4 will have long legs. =) Well it should atleast. =))

LeSouteneur3774d ago

"14,000 short of the opening weekend figure recorded by Metal Gear Solid 2 on PS2 in 2002."

Is this really a bad thing? 14,000 isn't even that much, and MGS2 sold more than 7.5 million copies worldwide.

Jack Meahoffer3774d ago

Some people seem to think big exclusive software titles have to have a massive impact on day one to be seen as hardware driver. I really believe most people waiting on the fence are waiting for a price drop not a big game to come out before they buy. Most of the hardcore MSG4 probably already have a PS3... How many people would wait until a big game drops? Unless MSG4 is your ONLY reason to own a PS3 you probably got a PS3 after last price drop in anticipation of MSG4's release...

IMO the limited edition bundle will have more impact on sales than the game itself because its such a great value. Getting the console, a DS3 and the game much cheaper than buying them separately will have more impact on monthly hardware sales. IMO cost drives hardware 1000 times more than any exclusive software. The only people waiting are waiting for a price drop.

INehalemEXI3774d ago

MGS4 is just so good. I know a dude who bought it even though he has yet to buy a PS3.

You will be struck with awe. Unless your heart is tainted with the darkside of fangirl/boyism. Then all you will know is pain and suffering.

ip-student3774d ago

You can expect it will move less units then other, more mainstream games. For example, Psychonauts was a great game (expect for the end when the difficulty curve went through the freakin roof) but it move almost no units and didn't even sell that well. So there is no point in worry about the number of units that are being moved - MGS4 will continue to sell as more PS3 are sold because it (if you like that type of game) is a good game.

Will-UK3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I want to see the bundle Sales

plenty a tool3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

there was a fair few people on here saying thath the 12th of june equalled the end of the 360 and what-not. a few people did predict that that mgs wouldn't move masses of harware though.

to compare, gta saw a hardware spike for the ps3 in the uk of 127%, and the 360 125% and that was reported by the same people/company/website.

crazzyman: do you get extra money sony start selling more consoles? i'm interested after reading your post. if not, then why are you fine if they start selling 500k a month?? which mite happen once...dont count on it continuing though.


Funny enough, I turned on the PC and went to orkut today, pretending to see what people was saying on a EGM Community, which is now a bit anti-Sony, just to find out 3 people claiming exactly this, they are buying MGS4 even without a PS3, 1 one of them don't pretend to buy a PS3 at all (which don't make any sense to me too...), many more where saying they'll buy it with the PS3 in the coming weeks...

I have always through this game have its sales somewhat limited to its crowd (hardcore stealth action fans), really not poised to sell as GTA, never, but with so many good reviews, other PS3 owners and people that want PS3 but was not interested on MG at all, are just getting aware now that they really should give it a try.

Infernus3774d ago

In the 'smaller' stores in the UK, consoles don't sell big because there aren't usually many in stock. These stats go by the stores that may sell the games but aren't big retailers of consoles.

Btw, Euro dollars? lol this is the UK, it's Pounds Sterling (£) not Euros!

Anyway, I saw the first MGS4 ad on Sunday. Have seen it a few times since but it's no where near as common as Wii ads or the ones for big 360 games (Like Halo 3).

I think this may be due to the fact that we pay much more for everything than you do over there in the US. The console pricing included. It is still too high to get people to buy a PS3 for MGS4. There'll be record sales at Christmas for PS3's because people wait till then to spend hard earned money. I don't know many people (if any) that'd go and buy a console because of 1 game. Maybe that's commonplace in the US though...

Obviously I can't speak for the rest of the UK, only what I've seen in my area.

Lifendz3773d ago

and within that five minutes 2 PS3s were purchased with MGS4. Not saying that this refutes this story, but I gotta think the U.S. and Japan will tell a different tale.

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AllseeingEye3774d ago

The UK loves them some xbox. Now for the rest of Europe.....we will see.

kwicksandz3774d ago

Only America got the 80gb DS3 bundle.

Europe and the UK got the shaft with the 40gb sixaxis one.

Infernus3774d ago

Luckily I somehow saw into the future and managed to pick up a 60GB PS3 back in June of last year (from eBay) with a few games for the same price as a 40GB is now. Was the best deal ever!

But yeah, the Europeans get shafted with anything to do with the consoles. For example, the PS-Store is always a week later over here (Good thing I got a US account :D)

Only thing I prefer is Friday releases to Wednesday or whenever you guys get them. So much better to get the week out the way first, no work or anything rather than getting tempted to take a day off...

name3774d ago

Didn't the US see a huge spike in PS3 sales in walmart alone on the first day it released?

PS360WII3774d ago

Walmart sales would be because they offered 100 dollars back for buying a BluRay player

clintos593774d ago

Alot of the bundles were sold out. I heard almost every 80 gb mgs4 bundle was sold out in alot of other stores aswell since they were only carrying a minimal ammount of 80gb mgs4 bundles.

paul_war3774d ago

Shame, the UK is the biggest market for games in Europe.

plenty a tool3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

come on own up!

a man speaks to truth, which doesn't conform with the fanboys twisted version of reality, so they disagree with the

very sad

Infernus3774d ago

What's the world coming to? Disagreeing with a factual statement! lol tut tut...

superman3774d ago

I saw an MGS 4 advert in my gym this morning. lol.

Mc Fadge3774d ago

Judging by the disagrees, the people who handed them to you were super stealthy spies that followed you to your gym, made sure there was an advertisement, and acknowledged the fact that you didn't find it funny.

You should really lie less <3