Top 5 Best and Bottom 5 Worst Xbox Live Demos writes: "PC gamers have had the ability to download demos for quite some time now, but console gamers didn't get their chance to test out games until the release of the Xbox 360. Sure, there were some demo discs circulating prior to that, but demos really didn't hit the mainstream until Microsoft's second console hit store shelves.

Not every demo is a winner, though. While it's true that free is good, sometimes that becomes a little sketchy (I'm looking at you, Yaris.) The demos currently on Xbox Live range on both ends of the spectrum, ranging from the ones that make you want to buy the game, to others that make you wish there were refunds for your time spent..."

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BigKev453866d ago

Iron Man demo was pretty bad.

aggh im on fire3866d ago

Crash time was bad and Hour of victory im sure theres loads more but they were so bad i wiped them from my mind.

InMyOpinion3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

I'm just grateful that there's so much content on XBL. Some demoes suck but that's a good thing. Imagine buying the full game without being able to try it.

And also, imagine first having to download the demo and then install the crap for 5 mins before you can try it out and get disappointed. PSN ftw...

Condoleezza Rice3866d ago

With a little more practice,you'll be able to smoothly bash a Playstation game/service/feature in a 360 article.

On topic: Good list,the Burnout Paradise Demo should be higher.

InMyOpinion3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

You mean like the way you always troll 360 articles and try to downplay things while still looking objective? ;)

Not my style. Hypocrisy isn't my bag. I see it's gotten you a lot of bubbles though.

Nice damage control. It's true though isn't it? The Bad Company demo on PSN was 1.6gb big and took 10 minutes to install. The demo itself almost takes less time to complete than it takes to install it lol!

Btw, the Burnout Paradise demo was awesome.

mintaro3866d ago

the Sonic demo was garbage

RebornSpy3866d ago

The Bad Company demo is probably the first demo that made me want to go out and buy the game(too bad it's not out yet). The Crackdown demo might have had the same effect if I had not already planned on buying it for the Halo 3 beta. The BF:BC demo had both multiplayer and singleplayer components, showing off all the great stuff in the game. Otherwise, great lists.

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The story is too old to be commented.