The 10 Games which put RTS gaming on the map (Part 2)

With modern RTS classics like Company of Heroes having learnt from the mistakes made by earlier games, and with exciting games such as Starcraft 2 on the way, Gaming Verdict's RTS expert Nick takes a look at the 10 games which have defined the genre, going back over ten years of RTS history.

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Quickstrike3872d ago

They test your skill at managing a battle and resource gathering at the same time. Yay for Starcraft on the list :D I can't wait for Starcraft 2

boyo3872d ago

Oh man, Starcraft is incredible... Can't wait for 2!

Xi3872d ago

means this list fails.

smallways3872d ago

I just have to to add my favorite to the list. Rise of Nations has to be the perfect RTS (despite some early multiplayer issues). It was the cause of my divorce, and frankly, it was worth it.

Jam_sponge3872d ago

Lmao! :D

My personal fave has to be the original C&C, just because I can't remember ever being so captivated by a PC game. Me and my dad completed the demo mission about 10 times, caned it!