Spector: 'One Hundred Hour Games Are On The Way Out'

How can game educators prepare their students for a place in the ever-changing games industry?

In this keynote from the Game Education Summit, held in Dallas last week, Junction Point's Warren Spector and Disney Interactive's Mark Meyers took a look at the issues inherent in the game biz, with Spector admitting he's "so tired of making games about guys in black leather carrying guns."

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Capt CHAOS3775d ago

That's a lot of disappointment.

I say stick to the lengths they are.

PS360WII3775d ago

Well I guess I always use RPGs as my focal point and I enjoy it when my last save shows I have put in some 30 hours in it and I'm not even half way thru the tale. Sure 50 hour games can be fun too but I like epicness and as LeShin said why would I want to pay 60 bucks for a 2 hour game. Endings are what you make of them as well.

LastDance3775d ago

im sure thatd be 100 hours of high flying fun........errrrrrrr

Mr PS33775d ago

That Damn Contraption Blows up after an Hour
You'll never get a hundred hours gameplay on the Xbolloxs


Suck it Bots

Isaac3775d ago

There is always gonna be a niche that will want 1000 hour games, so someone will do them. If you do not, then tough... there are still plenty of developers that are as good if not better than yours.

LeShin3775d ago

Well, if 100 hour games are on the way out, they'd better start dropping the price significantly because I and quite a lot of other people won't be spending upwards of £50 for a game I/they can complete in 2 hours!

Ludwig3775d ago

People already play way more than 100 hours in "free-roaming" games... the sky is the limit.

bumnut3775d ago

i had almost 200 hours on oblivion

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