9 Call Of Duty: World at War Screenshots Leaked

These 9 images were leaked through Germans Official Xbox Magazine and some European websites. These screenshots were not suppose to be released untill next week along with the official unvieling of the game. So enjoy these screens you lucky dog you

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wolfehound223828d ago

Looks good. Still a little unsure about this game not much into WW2 shooters but I will wait and see how it's reviewed.

mabreu3828d ago

WWII shooters are starting to grow stale for me as well. COD4 was a good change of pace. I will also wait for reviews on this title before investing money on it.

gunnerheadboy3827d ago

Tis will be a rent for me. Unless the multiplayer is AAA.

Jinxstar3827d ago

At least it's not europe. I can go for a pacific view on it. Is it still WW2 I heared rumor it was Vietnam...

MisfitSmurf3827d ago

its WW2 you can tell by the types of weapons there using

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Capt CHAOS3828d ago

Give me open environments.. something like Halo or maybe a next-gen version of Red Faction.

Superfragilistic3828d ago

Well Halo 3 will last for years, A next gen Red Faction is on the way from THQ and Volition, and in the meantime you can get some good ol open destruction with Bad Company! :)

Jinxstar3827d ago

I'm sorry did you say open environments like Halo?... I'm not saying it's a bad game but how is it really more open then some of the levels in COD... Still though it's like apples and oranges. I could see if you said Warhawk or something(Open environments) but yeah...

SUP3R3828d ago

3 out of the 9 are new.
It's looking better, but I'm still not interested yet. Maybe after the trailer Friday.

Superfragilistic3828d ago

Yep it's looking better, particularly the tropical environments, flame effects and katanas!

Having done a bit of research on the title it has been in development for 2+ years (unlike the quick rush job that was COD3), they're pretty much keeping the COD4 multiplayer and gameplay intact whilst changing the weapons, but are throwing vehicles, extra destruction and flame effects into the mix. It also appears the plot is going to be much grittier, much like COD4, and a lot less patriotic propaganda of earlier efforts.

I just hope they take the Clint Eastwood approach (let me play both sides) and not the Steven Spielberg approach of the Americans saved us all! To me it was the post 911 reality of war and terror that made COD4 work so well... It wasn't about patriotism and flag waving... rather the sheer horror and need to look after the guy next to you more than anything else. :)

I remain cautiously optimistic.

iamtehpwn3827d ago

Das ist nicht zu guuuuut. =[

PS360PCROCKS3827d ago

du bist ein dumb und d*ck.

Odion3827d ago

really I think it looks terrible

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The story is too old to be commented.