Gamesradar reviews Summon Night: Twin Age

Eric Bratcher reports:

''See if you've played this one: it's a role-playing game with real-time battles and a top-down, slightly angled view. You're slogging around one dungeon after another, alternately hacking baddies into little bits with handheld weapons or just pummeling them with elemental magic like fire, ice, and the like. Of course it sounds familiar. On the surface, Summon Night: Twin Age is a lot like dozens of other games - specifically, literally any action RPG from the original Zelda to Diablo. But that doesn't mean it's not worth a play.

The key gameplay element of Action RPGs - namely, wallowing from point A to point B and genocidally slaughtering every living thing you meet - is here in full effect. But Summon Night: Twin Age does know some uncommon tricks.''

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