Proof of the Unconfirmed HDMI Cable for the 360?

According to, the Lost Planet bundle (coming out for Asia) will contain a new D Terminal AV Cable that seems to contain a HDMI port on one of the leads. It also appears that the back of the box lists an HDMI cable as one of the included accessories. Although Microsoft has identified it as a misprint, there is quite a bit of proof indicating otherwise. Besides there is no reason for Microsoft not to make the cable especially since they claim that it could be done on current consoles. This would prove as no surprise since Microsoft recently announced that the 360 could display in 1080P resolutions.
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power of Green 4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

What fool would ever think MS would not adventaully come out with HDMI when the 360 is based on HD.

one of my local game shops had alread said that they had dug it up but was not going to carry it becauss it is $100 bucks. Exspect it to be more than the average cable. Tomorrow is going to be off the hook.

PS360PCROCKS4441d ago

I hope they release it, I have an HDMI tv and I want to see the difference if any...

EnforcerOfTheTruth4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

I don't bother posting on 360 news, but I'll make a one time exception here as I'm dissing the 360 HD-DVD addon for not having HDMI. Sony was rightfully dissed for the 20GB PS3 not having one, so I'm just beeing fair and MS shouldn't get a free ride.
So what I got to say about this news? One word: ridiculous. Why? Well such a cable is simply impossible. MS can surely make a cable that contains a HDMI port on one of the leads (some companies already did) but such cable won't change anything. HDMI has a much bigger transfer rate than any other port, so how want MS or any other company accomplish HDMI transfer rate that goes through USB or what ever? They can't.
So as sad as it maybe sounds, the fact remains:
The HD-DVD addon can be only used for a limited time as a HD player, cause with the inclusion of HDCP in the next few years no HDMI means 480p.

bung tickler4441d ago

the data transfer speed of the hd-dvd drive is more than good enough to handle 1080p, it doesnt matter that HDMI can do more... so what. second the 360 is HDCP compliant so when M$ releases a HDMI cable for the xbox it will be as capable as any other HDMI 1.1 HD-DVD/Blu-Ray player.

shotty4441d ago

What do you mean USB is not fast enough. You know the decoding is done by the xbox 360 after it passes through the USB wire. If you don't know then don't speak, it just removes all doubts your a moron to people.

Let me explain, the HD-DVD movies are encoded in VC-1 in 1080p on the disc, the add-on reads this compressed data and sends it over USB to the xbox 360 drive to then decode and output. Same with blu-ray, except they use Mpeg 2 compression.

HDMI would output the signal after it has been decoded from the xbox 360 and the signal is in its full form. The xbox 360 can also decode TrueHD audio which can only come throught HDMI. So for those that have high end systems, need the cable to get the best possible quality. Hey if you can spent 1 grand on a TrueHD receiver then you can cough up the money for the cable.

DEIx15x84441d ago

Tomorrow is going to be a good day, hopefully we will get a bigger Hard Drive and it seems like possible HDMI. I personally could careless about the HDMI since it seems like it's only purpose is to add copy protection and limit the use of products you have purchased. Hopefully they will do what they did with the Composite/Component cable and release a digital cable that has DVI/HDMI, that would be sweet and give all those apple fans more use for those big 30 inch displays.

DJ4441d ago

Microsoft passed up on HDMI and acted as if it didn't matter. Even Sony was smart enough to put HDMI output into their core SKU after the backlash at E3 06. And now it's too late for Microsoft since Sony has version 1.3 on both PS3 versions (not updatable through firmware; it's completely hardware-based). For a while, I actually hoped that the HD-DVD add-on would have HDMI built-in but...

DVI and HDMI are digital feeds, while component and VGA are analog. Why the 360's video output is titled "Digital Output" is a bit bizarre since it only seems to support analog signals.

power of Green 4441d ago

Man won't you shut up! MS didnt want to put 11 or 12 different ports in the back on the 360 case closed. It has a universal digital port remember when you flamed with envy before!; and i called MS to ask them about the multi use of the port. Just dont comment on 360 post anymore you make yourself look like a jack.ass

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