Wii Update 3.3 Kills Feeloader Too?

Reports starting to trickle out of Australia that the latest Wii update (3.3) has done more than block the Twilight Princess save-game exploit, it's killed Datel's Wii Freeloader as well. Bad news for game importers.

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INehalemEXI3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

I was just going to get Oneechanbara R and Freeloader too bah. I guess I could opt not to update...

Typo in the title Feeloader=Freeloader

tonsoffun3872d ago

You know if ninty would actually release games at roughly the similar time in worldwide then there would be no need for a freeloader: we STILL HAVEN'T GOT SMASH BROS yet!!!!!

kwicksandz3872d ago

Give us brawl you lazy sh1ts!

Im tempted to get a freeloader just to play no more heroes with blood