Loot Ninja Review: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

After lengthy delays and much anticipation, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is finally here. The last game of Solid Snake's story arc is more epic and intense than any other Metal Gear game to date. Combining entirely new gameplay elements with an amazing storyline, this is the Hideo Kojima's best work to date.

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taz80803776d ago

MGS comes back strong and bangs out a 10/10

drunkpandas3776d ago

The game is flat out amazing. Going back on my second playthrough now. Even the second time around, you're so compelled to keep going. Kojima did an amazing job on the story. Don't want to say anymore and spoil it for anyone

juuken3776d ago

The 10's keep rolling!

deeznuts3776d ago

How does gamerankings work? Because the tens keep rolling in but they ain't counting them. It seems they counted every single freaking low score already, though.

Bonsai12143776d ago

i believe that gamerankings is selective on which sites they put on, and even though they rely on user submitted tips, they screen those as well.

which is why i'm happy n4g put on a meta for every review submitted.

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drunkpandas3776d ago

Agreed. It's well worth buying a PS3 just for Metal Gear Solid 4

taz80803776d ago

I wonder if any 360 fanboys will admit to liking this game?

drunkpandas3776d ago

From the looks of it, a lot of Xbox 360 fanboys are crapping all over the game, as expected. To be fair, PS3 fanboys did the same thing to Halo and Gears of War

Wildarmsjecht3776d ago

Gears of War I can understand being a pretty fun game with a lack of decent story. I had fun doing co-op with a friend and trying to stay in the "shadows" (MGS reference for you fans :)) But Halo 3 had me heavily dissapointed, especially with some of the online shenanigans that went on. It felt like Halo 2, and they didn't bother to up their storyline ability. Gears was definately the better of the 2 games.

As for 360 fans hating on can tell they want the game. Every time some news comes out about it being not a 10, or not selling an abysmal amount of copies they made up to begin with, they'll scream "HAH COMING TO 360zRs!!!!!" Envy at its finest I suppose.

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fiercescuba3776d ago

Some people say that the many cutscenes detract from the overall game play.

drunkpandas3776d ago

I personally don't think it does at all. The cutscenes are all great and not once did I think "WTF will this end". In previous MGS games, you spent a lot of time watching the Codec to get story elements. I'd much rather watch the amazing cutscenes than just read the text and look at green-colored faces.

I haven't skipped any cutscenes on my second playthrough either.

Blademask3776d ago

Because you enjoy the game. People that don't enjoy the MEtal Gear series will complain about it, but I wonder why these people play it in the first place? Just because so many other people see value in it?

Kaneda3776d ago

I don't know what those reviewers gave Mass Effects..

drunkpandas3776d ago

If you're asking me, we gave Mass Effect a 4.5/5. It would have gotten a 4.75 (making it 9.5/10), but our review scoring system at the time was whole numbers and .5 only, based out of a total score of 5.

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PimpHandHappy3776d ago

and i am not flaming here ok

PPL with only a 360 and the ppl that have no wanting to buy a PS3 because they are happy with the 360 are really missing out what a video game can be!

The are stuck with run of the mill FPS's! No game on the 360 will ever match this game! NEVER!

This is the hieght of my gaming life. Its like the 1st time you see your fav movie, BraveHeart in my case. It just reminds you what impact a well writen and well made story can have on your worldy outlook.

2me this game proves games are art and a amazing form of entertainment!

Its the best game ever 4me. That is about 22 years worth of gaming

MikeGdaGod3776d ago

i agree. now that i have finished the game and have started my second play through, i can honestly say this is the best game i have EVER played.

PimpHandHappy3776d ago

i will admit

putting a boss battle at the end of a cut scene really does wear you out! There was a few times i had to give myself a break after a epic cut scene.

In terms of gameplay the cut scenes give the gameplay a nice setting!

Go play any MG game and you will see they where heavy on cut scenes. Its just blueray and the amount of storage the PS3 offers that allows Kojima the freedom to really give a more epic story telling within the scenes...

its amazing and i cant say in words how great this game is to me. If your a Metal Gear fan then this is what you have been waiting for. Its the best video game ever made

drunkpandas3776d ago

I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say it's the best game of all time, but it's insanely good and has a very strong chance of winning game of the year

taz80803776d ago

Cutscenes are a step up form codec reading.

likeaboss3023776d ago

I wish they would have used the codec more. It seems like it was just in this game for the sake of putting it in but their was really no use for it since talking to Rose was worthless. In some games Metal Gear games you could get info from up to six characters on how to handle a situation. Plus the secret codecs etc.

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