SIREN: Blood Curse New Debut Trailer

The second SIREN: Blood Curse Debut Trailer and some screens

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ice_prophecy3873d ago

Could we get an alternative link? I can't seem to open this one

supahbad3872d ago

on sale next month? this game looks FrEaKy, i wonder how long each chapter will be, and how much they will cost

DrWan3872d ago

But some how the press is not impressed

Raoh3872d ago

cause almost anything ps3 related lately will not play for me. on a mac at home or a pc at work.

coolfool3872d ago

I haven't had any problems with it at all and i have been using the rc3 version.

coolfool3872d ago

but the graphics aren't really up to much. I know not every game has to be about graphics but this looks comparable to RE4.

stuntman_mike3872d ago

i think the graphics are much better than RE4.

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