Improved Visuals, Surround Sound and 32 Player Online Matches : Is This What Next-Generation Gaming Is All About?

Are we truly in the next-generation of gaming? Is improved high definition graphics and surround sound all there is to the next-generation of gaming? An article by a games blogger about what next-generation gaming should truly be about.

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highdro3777d ago

MGS4 is what next jen gaming is all about!!, for thoes of u who hve the game and played the bike mission and finished act4 were u not stunned how it was, the bike mission was like playing a movie with the graphics the same i dont want to spoil the game but u all know what u control in act4 that was mind blowing, and the flying rage...WTF >>>>> u have not played a next jen game till u play MGS4 b4 i get all my bubbles eating away and a s1it loads of dissagres because of what i said go play MGS4 then if u dont like it u can eat up all my bubbles,.. if u think gears of war and uncharnted raised the bar for graphics go play MGS4 and u will laugh at thoes 2 games.

Pornlord3777d ago

I dont' think 32 player online has much to do with it. It's neat, but not really needed in most instances. Improved graphics and sound I agree with however.

Mr PS33777d ago

Only on the PS3

MGS4 Hell Yeah FTW

DrWan3777d ago

try 60 players online.

Dylan from Warhawk echos: yah, try 4 player split screen on the same TV, same server.

DrWan saids, "agreed'