Xbox 360 Gets GoldenEye Consolation Prize

As the ongoing Rare/Nintendo/Microsoft saga surrounding Rare's classic shooter, GoldenEye: 007, drags on, Xbox 360 owners have a consolation prize to make up for the fact that the game probably won't make it onto Xbox Live. The prize? GoldenEye: Rogue Agent.

The game has made it onto the list of original Xbox games compatible with the 360.

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Superfragilistic3964d ago

The game's got a Metacritic of 61!

It's like promising MGS4 but giving me Haze instead! lol

Rekyyli3964d ago

Ye, u bet. This is pure a$$rape at its finest.

Consolation Prize? Lollers.

kazuma3964d ago

lol indeed it went something like this "man we can't give them one of the best fps games ever, nintendo got their hands all over it, hey i know let's give me a s*itty fps with goldeneye in the name!"
"good call, sir."

Shankle3963d ago

Well you could always play timesplitters. Pretty much the same game with better graphics and weapons.

unsunghero283963d ago

This is adding insult to injury.

BWS19823963d ago

but is no replacement for GoldenEye, better graphics, yes, better tech, yes, better weapons, possibly, but fun factor? Not close.

Besides Future Perfect isn't BC, so you're stuck.

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Superfragilistic3964d ago

Just make Oddworld: Strangers Wrath compatible and I'll be happy! :)

xhairs3963d ago

Oddworld is the bombs, I wish they'd put one out on PS3 already...

Shortstop3964d ago

Hahah consolation prize? Usually prizes are trophies, not things found in the garbage can!

Alexander Roy3964d ago

That's not a prize, that's a punishment.

kwicksandz3964d ago

i was expecting perfect dark 64 on live arcade >.<

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The story is too old to be commented.