Is Grand Theft Auto IV Actually the Best Popcorn Movie of the Summer?

Rolling Stone writes: "Where do you look for something to knock you out of your summer-movie funk? Not The Incredible Hulk, which looks like a giant green beach ball - even with a rage bug up its air hole. And not The Happening, featuring Mark Wahlberg as a science teacher scanning the skies for an airborne virus when the real mystery is how many times M. Night Shyamalan thinks he can go back to the Sixth Sense well."

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omni_atlas3778d ago

No it isn't. I'll give you a hint, it starts with Metal.

Superfragilistic3778d ago

Yeah but MGS4 is more an Oscar contender than a popcorn film. If you're talking popcorn films GTAIV is it. See it, then leave it!

Although having said that I ate much more popcorn whilst watching, and not playing, MGS4! ;P

dachiefsman3778d ago

i will have to agree with the original poster. At times it felt like the control was on the couch more than in my hands.

At least I could eat popcorn and watch the cut scenes. <MGS4>

Luca Blight3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Just kidding. MGS4 is awesome.

ice_prophecy3778d ago

Didn't people just complain about stuff being too cinematic?

Blood double standards I tell you. They are both good in their own right.

jkhan3778d ago

No it isn't. MGS4 is the best Movie (infact its total cutscenes length is great then a bunch of movies).:D

tweaker3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

MGS4 cut-scenes and storyline puts Hollywood films to shame. At some moments I seriously had to look closely at the TV to see if it was CGI rendered. Then I found out you can disable the OctoCamo during the cut-scenes. Even further interactivity is with the camera and the ability to enter any cut-scene with any costume or FaceCamo. Truly amazing.

Pornlord3778d ago

How do you change your face and body camo during a cut scene???

On topic, he did a good job of explaining the game. It reminded me of why I bought the game in the first place (hype) and then it reminded me of why I traded it in the same week. The game sounds good when you talk about it, but it plays like crap and it's just like the one's before it, exept crippled.

Luca Blight3778d ago

I think what he means is that the game just takes into account which camo/face camo you have on before entering a cutscene and keeps it that way during the cutscene. Instead of reverting back to regular default Snake.

vegetassj513778d ago

if u have a camo pattern on and u shake the controler it come off both in game and cut scenes

pwnsause3778d ago

im pretty sure that the author of this article is retracting his statement about GTAIV and using it on MGS4 right now. seriously MGS4 took the crown.

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