MGS 4 Japanese Sales For June 12 To June 15 (4 days)

NeoGAF: Enterbrain numbers for June 12 to June 15 (4 days): 476,334

That number includes the regular edition, special edition, premium pack and the welcome box bundles. It is now the best selling PS3 game in Japan.

For reference, the first day numbers from Enterbrain not counting bundles was 300k (170k SE, 130k Regular). PS3 hardware for the week is 77,208 (Enterbrain numbers from the article as well).

For comparison, here are the first week figures for the MGS series in Japan, Enterbrain numbers:

MGS1 - 316,833
MGS2 - 456,747
MGS3 - 487,156

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sonarus3776d ago

That is pretty impressive despite the limited install base

Hydrolex3776d ago

500,000 in Japan

1.5 Million in U.S

1 Million in Europe

3 Million totall ?

PirateThom3776d ago

If all the Limited Edition versions sold, that's at least 250,000 in Europe anyway.

Either way, it's going to come out at well over 2 million, probably about 3.

karlostomy3776d ago

Sold 3.7 million overall with 100 million ps2 install base.

What will MGSIV do?

n4gzz3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

PS3 players have track record that they buy game slowly and steady base than jumping on lunch day unlike 360. So, I am guessing MGS4 will sell over 3 million this year alone and over 4.5 million on its lifetime. We shall see high numbers for entire month before it slows down. PS3 is still very expensive with price tag 499 for 80 gb. It will fly off once price hits 299. This x-mas sony may cut $50 and with the selection of games that are releasing this year, PS3 might sell very well number and by the end of 2009 it will be 299 for 40gb then we will see sales like ps2.

Syronicus3776d ago

Here's my take on the way the sales for this game will go. Many of the more casual MGS fans of last gen didn't buy MGS3 due to it not being a game released on a new system. Since many of them saw a MGS on the PS2, they were not expecting anything great. Also, with the slight let down of MGS2 not being completely Snake and more Raiden, they figured on other games and skipped over MGS3.

Now we have a new console with more power to play with and Kojima admitting to this being his overall masterpiece, and an ad campaign that makes some other games look like turds... You can say that I predict the sales of # 4 to be a tad bit higher than #2. I am guesing that we will see MGS4 hit between 7 and 8 million worldwide in the life of the game itself.

she00win993776d ago

did you know MGS1 sold 6M and MGS2 sold 7m?

karlostomy3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Yes, I did know that. The numbers are readily available on numerous sites.

MGSI 6 mill
MGSII 7 mill
MGSIII 3.7mill

I wasn't speculating either way, as MGSIV undoubtedly deserves to do well.

But. Why did MGSIII take such a big dip when there were 100 million ps2 sold when it was released? It just don't make sense. (i did read your comment syronicus)

I will wait and see. My guess is 4.5 million mgsIV sold overall, given that there are (only) 13 mill ps3 out there now.

Fallen_Angel3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

wow after all the money they spent out on buying reviews the game is couldnt beat out mgs3 and that was worse one to date. Guess that makes mgs 4 now the worse one

Drekken3776d ago

Fallen Angel, learn to speak before you post... k thx

TOSgamer3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Yeah Konami bought reviews like MS did for Halo 3. Thats why all those sites were crying about Konami's nondisclosure agreement. Thats what normally happens when you pay people off. They make work extra hard to make you look bad. Get a grip on reality dude.

nix3776d ago

i think MGS3 sell sounds less because "pirate" version was already available which sadly meant more people bought the pirated version for which there is no record. q:

Unreal013776d ago

I think its because MGS3 was nowhere near as good as MGS2. But thats just my opinion...I could never get into it, im going to go as far as saying it was a disappointment but MGS2 was just too good :)

MGS4 = Best game this gen

CrazedFiend3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I've actually talked to quite a few of my gamer friends about this a while ago. A lot of people didn't buy MGS3 here in Japan because the story of MGS2 was so difficult to understand. Part 2's story actually chased a lot of Japanese gamers away from part 3. This is unfortunate because, although 2 is my personal favorite, I think MGS3 has a much easier to understand and, in that way, a better written story than 2 did.

Some of these friends I talked to have since played 3 and enjoyed the story MUCH better than 2. And a couple have even been eyeing the PS3 so they can play MGS4.

Pretty much everyone agrees MGS2 is a great game, but I think that if its story didn't get to be so difficult to understand, MGS3 would have sold MUCH better over here.

karlostomy3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Well i hadn't considered that angle. Maybe there is something in it?

However, are you sure you realise the scale of what you are implying?
That would mean 3-4 MILLION units of MGSIII sales lost due to piracy.

I guess it's open to interpretation.

@unreal.... MGSIV seems to be one of the best games, yes. It WILL do very well.

Isaac3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

"Why did MGSIII take such a big dip when there were 100 million ps2 sold when it was released? It just don't make sense. (i did read your comment syronicus)"

Just because you don't understand it, it doesn't mean it makes no sense. If a game sells 3 million on a 10 million installed base, would you expect 30 million on a 100 million install base? Don't be ridiculous. I'll try to put it as simple as I can for you: When an install base reaches critical mass (around 100 million), it means the population has a diversity of interests, not that everyone wants every game, or that the same ratio of buyers at the beginning of the life of a console will be the same at the end.

There is something called saturation which means that once a gamer has tons of games they might just slow down their purchase rate; not always present, but it might just happen the way it happens with consoles with high install base; PS2 sells little not just because it's old, but because everyone has one. Nintendo DS is selling a third of what the PSP is selling in Japan because right now everyone has a DS in Japan, so the sales have kinda gone stale.

A similar case with attach rates for games, and that is something xbox fanboys fail to grasp, as they seem to think that attach rates are a good predictor of how a game will sell on 360 in comparison to PS3, see GTA4, DMC4, Virtua Fighter 5, Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed, among other examples. A high attach rate on games or consoles can be good or bad, as it could imply mostly hardcore gamers buy the console, or that the console isn't being adopted as fast as it should be (see how PS3 and Wii are outselling the 360 in every territory despite the fact that it is cheaper than PS3 and packs a lot more value than a Wii for a mere 30 bucks more).

Either way, attach rates are not good predictors, just like install base, so don't be surprised if Gears of War doesn't sell triple of what the original did. The original already sold A LOT, and it's likely that it'll sell to many of the people that bought the original, and a few new users. If it sells more than double the original, I'll be very surprised, especially since it's not gonna be the "revolution" the original was.

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chewy3173776d ago

LOL we have 3 articles on this.... stupid guy went to delete story so we cant use the source lol

nofilter3776d ago

I was annoyed with all the dumb comments and reports!

Hydrolex3776d ago

was the one who posted first, then removed it and now he made it again.

LOL but good because this one is more accurate

Dir_en_grey3776d ago

You are the one keep on reporting it as dup.
I was doing the actual translating from the Famitsu site and had more info anyway, next time I won't waste my time finding a good pic =P
Either way I don't care about credits as long as the story is up.

Chris Hansen3776d ago

476,334, Holy Crap! That means almost 1 out of every 4 PS3 owners bought MGS4. I can't wait for FFXIII numbers. I'm betting at least 500k PS3's sold in Japan the week it launches.

green3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

19 minutes ago | By: LenHart | User has been blocked
see what mGS4 did in JAPAN

it boosted PS3 sales by 700%

poor x360

what will be the US sales like BOT???

it is crying time for you

My response

0 minutes ago | By: green | Edit Delete
Sorry cant commit suicide.Because i am too busy enjoying a 2 day holiday in Monte Carlo,also attended the Le mans 24 hours race this weekend in France where my team(Audi) won.All i have are my 2 close pals and my trusty laptop no games until i return to work on thursday.

I seriously advise you to let go off your hate and addiction to videogames.yes games are great but there is more to life than games and N4G.

MGS4 sold well, why shouldn't it?It's a great game.It proves that the videogame industry is really the greatest media industry in the world.Games like this and the rest of the AAA games that come out make me proud to be a gamer.

There is something seriously wrong with LENHART.

Superfragilistic3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Tell me about it!

I blocked that idiot ages ago. He puts his 360 equivalent, PoG, to shame. lol

So jealous of your trip to Le Mans!

I agree with your philosophy. Be a gamer not a hater. :)


As for MGS4, a great game and an important boost for the PS3 hardware, but early sales figures seem to suggest that it remains one for the fans and a generally hardcore niche title.

I think Hydrolex is in the ballpark with 3m worldwide. I'd personally guess at 2.5m, but we shall see. If MGS4 can reach 5m worldwide sales this year it will be deemed a great commercial success. It appears to be well on track! :)

green3776d ago

I am predicting 3.6 million sales.When i do own a PS3 i hope to get this game.

As for the le mans trip, it was not that great.I had to stay in a tent since all hotels were booked and cant afford the expensive hotels because iam an international student in the Uk so i got to be carefull with funds.And worst off all it rained for a very long time.

Elginer3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I thought I was the only person who received an insane PM from him. Good to know he's crazy as f*ck all over the place lol. Seriously were talking about video games here people- it's for entertainment not life and death topics.

I'll def be picking up a PS3 come Xmas, or maybe sooner and this is on my must have list as well as Folklore. I played and beat Folklore at a friends house and was just marveled by that game. It really doesn't get enough love.

ShinnokDrako3776d ago

Wow, that in 4 days? Then in a week it will get better than what did MGS1-2-3 according to me, without counting the rest of the world. Seems good, but i think it deserves more than that.

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