Kojima-sama, I Bow My Head In Worship

TheSixthAxis: "No game should ever have been allowed to be this good, Kojima the gaming prophet, he has crossed the gaming gods, he has defied their rule. Metal Gear Solid is an affront to the old gods of gaming, Kojima has robbed them of their rule, the old kings have fallen and only he now remains, the sole and absolute Supreme Being."

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Fishy Fingers3777d ago

I agree, Kojima has shown through MGS4 his vision and execution eclipses that of his peers.

Never stop making games Kojima, I pray of you!

Veryangryxbot3777d ago

However, the story could have been somewhat better. Read my user review as to the why:

Apart from that, this game SHIATS on the competition.

Jamie Foxx3777d ago

i bet every ps3 owner is rushing to their local game store now lol

is an amazing game though kojima it was a pleasure

kindi_boy3777d ago

i can't start describing how gay the title sounds....

yea kojima team did an extraordinary job.

Euphrate3777d ago

It is not a game, it is an experience.

This marks it for me, I will never find a game this good ever again, so Ii'll quite gaming NOW.

By guys, it's been a nice ride.

I don't care about sales anymore, MGS4 is exclusive, I'm out.

It's been nice knowing you guys ^__^

StrboyM3777d ago


lol that made me laugh

your right though, its so funny..all the little things in this game made me go wow


that may not be a huge issue but i cant recall a game that took the time to do it and it was so noticeable...all the small perks make this game that will never leave my collection.

thewhoopimen3777d ago

I understand where he's coming from with idolizing Kojima's work. But the article would probably hurt perception from newcomers than help. It sounds like a fanatic/cultist rant. Seriously... kinda creepy. I love MGS4, but I don't want to prostrate myself in front of Kojima and kiss his feet.

supahbad3777d ago

it was the same in the third game

the last cutscene, the very last one, i don't want to ruin it for anyone, was the best, i thought that if they make a movie this scene would have to be in it the exact same

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Kain813777d ago

MGS has emotions like no other game, MGS4 is the best game i ever played.
Domo Arigato Gosaimasu Kojima-san for that Masterpiece.

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The story is too old to be commented.