The Growing Role of Women in Gaming

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "For all the advancements the games industry lays claim to in areas of innovation, business and influence, it's still very much a boys' club.

Have you been to a games conference recently? The testosterone to estrogen ratio is strikingly off-balance.

But gradual as it may be, change is happening. An increasing number of women are taking leading roles in the games business. There's Kathy Vrabeck, head of EA Casual; Nintendo of America marketing VP Cammie Dunaway; Assassin's Creed lead producer Jade Raymond; and Uncharted director Amy Hennig, just to name a few of the higher-profile examples that exist today."

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Robearboy3777d ago

Who cares, as long as they look good the more the merrier (and as long as they dont make sh1t games like assassins creed )

thesummerofgeorge3777d ago

Women... Psh, next their gonna wanna vote.

karlostomy3777d ago

You a funny George...

Seriously though. Girl developers and gamers are a good thing.

... as long as they not complete nutjob fangirls on N4G...

Freayr3777d ago

As long as their not Gamers because its fashionable, i dont mind, the casual scene annoys me.