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Superfragilistic4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

This is starting to look a hell of a lot more serious than one pissed off arrogant game designer!

Tecmo Dead or Alive? It's looking increasingly dead and/or dying. Or as NeoGaf put it no smoke without fire. ;)

If it does go under, I just hope that MS snaps up the NG2 & Fatal Frame IP rights and gives Team Ninja a new home. ;)

green4750d ago

Ninja Gaiden is an IP that struggles to sell over a million copies, so i dont think Microsoft will be interested in obtaining the IP.Itagaki has even gone on record to say that this will be the last NG game he makes, and if NG2 is the last one i play i will be fine with that.

What they need to do is for Microsoft to open a new studio for him or fund his studio like Mistwalker and create a new action game franchise with deep combat mechanics like NG2 but with a much more engaging storyline and a better cinematic feel like God of War(my best PS2 game).

Superfragilistic4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

I completely agree. It's just I'm a hardcore NG fan! And I think NG if overhauled could become a much more commercially serious franchise. Or so I hope! lol

I think Microsoft would have a lot to gain in grabbing Team Ninja and Itagaki. Although I do feel that Itagaki would require a much shorter leash than that extended to the far more experienced and rounded Mistwalker team. Team Ninja is a largely established team that could fill a major hole in MGS, namely action orientated titles. If they took what in many peoples eyes is the most fluid and complex action gameplay engine around and then give Itagaki staff that can develop a much more engaging narrative, better online integration (Bungie, Lionhead, Rare and Turn 10 can help there) and higher production values (voiceovers, camera, slow down, etc) MGS could have a seriously promising studio on their hands.

And yes God of War 2 is my favourite PS2 title to! The gameplay comes second to NG but it wipes the floor with NG2 thanks to its incredibly engaging narrative and much more consistent production. ;)

green4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Completely agree.I am currently in act 9 of NG2 and its a fantastic game but the problem i face are things that you pointed out which are basically the poor production values.

I remember the 1st time i completed God of War.The Story was just soo engaging with top draw action and great visuals.It still lives me baffled why they have not made a big budget movie of that game.

Microsoft needs a good 1st party dev that excels in action games and opening one with Itagaki or grabbing him along with team ninja will be a good movie.Tie them up with some people who can pen a good script (Silicon Knights) and you have an epic in the making.

Well we will just have to wait and see if Microsoft can turn this into an advantage for themselves.

Superfragilistic4750d ago

Funny how someone disagrees with both of our sentiments but can't find it in themselves to add to the discussion... gotta love N4G! lol

It's funny that you mention Silicon Knights because I have a firm belief largely based on their historical record, that Too Human is going to push a lot of boundaries and reinvigorate the action and RPG genres. If they were to aid Itagaki on production values we wouldn't have any camera problems and we'd have a ridiculously deep story... anybody play Eternal Darkness? ;)

green4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Speaking of Too Human.There where 3 games announced during the early days of the 360 that i felt will completely justify me purchase of the console.Alan wake,Too Human and Mass Effect.

Mass Effect completely smashed my expectations and is currently my best game this gen.I am keeping my fingers crossed that Too Human turns out to be really good.Even if it dose not end up AAA, i think it will be pretty good and will be worth my money for the story alone.

Edit:I never played eternal darkness.I only played 3 games on the gamecube.Resident evil Zero,Turok2 and extreme g.

Superfragilistic4750d ago

Yeah Mass Effect is my personal fave as well. It innovated all over the place and I think some people got unnecessarily caught with the pop in and framerate instead of recognising it as the most innovative RPG this gen. The dialogue system (and quality) alone was revolutionary and will no doubt be seen not only in future RPGs but many EA titles in particular. I can already envision player interviews and press events in Madden utilising the same system.

If you haven't played Eternal Darkness and you still have a Gamecube, track it down and buy it. It single handedly explains why Too Human should be much higher on everybody's gaming wish lists.

ChampIDC4750d ago

On the subject of NG2's story, I completley agree. I think it would have a lot of potential to be on the level of God of War games in terms of production if Team Ninja joined up with MGS. I finished the game, and the story really isn't that bad (what's there at least), but they just don't expand on anything. It's just all far too simple. I'd love to see a NG game with a lot more complex story.

PlayStation3604749d ago

I think Nintendo already bought the rights to it. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

As for Team Ninja, they are still a great Dev company. Sure NG may be over, but what is stopping them from making a great new IP.

I think it is wise if Micro snaps up both Team Ninja and Epic. My humble opinion of course.

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green4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

double post

Euphrate4750d ago

No more Ninja Gaidens No More Dead or Alives?!


Bnet3434750d ago

Well no NG2 was the last one, but I still want DOA5. As the guy above said, I hope MS gives Team Ninja a good home. They are underrated devs.

Alexander Roy4750d ago

Damn, I hope they make it. I was so happy to hear that Itagaki left beause that would make a multiplat DOA(X) much more possible. Of course, if what happened to Itagaki happened to the others as well, then their complaints are justified - I mean, Tecmo kinda owes them money.
Come on Tecmo, get yourself together, I want to unlock gigabytes worth of bikinis!

JeepGamer4750d ago

I've always kind of wondered about Tecmo. Here we have a Japanese company that seems to make games for the console that never has and never will actually sell in Japan. I'd think they'd at least try a multi platform approach or something but as long as they are making money that's all that really matters.

Enigma_20994750d ago

.. he's still an @ss, but that's one for Itigaki... ouch.

Enigma_20994750d ago

And both you Itigaki-lovers can go to h-e-double hockey sticks...