82% react positively to contextual in-game ads

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "A new research study conducted by Nielsen BASES and Nielsen Games on behalf of IGA Worldwide finds that in-game ads provide brands a measured lift in overall consumer awareness and opinion.

Nielsen tested multiple variables with multiple brands across multiple games - as opposed to just a single brand in a single game. The company surveyed over 1,300 PC gaming participants in their homes by linking IGA's proprietary measurement software with research trackers embedded within sample game discs.

Participating brand advertisers included Taco Bell, Jeep and Wrigley, and game titles were provided by Electronic Arts and Activision."

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ice_prophecy3958d ago

As long as in the future I dont need to get a "popup" blocker for my ps3. I am all for it.

I dont mind- as long as It doesn't obstruct my view, or get in my way or I have to close it.

thesummerofgeorge3958d ago

Yeah I don't know, sounds like a slippery slope to me, it will only get worse and worse till it's blatant and in bad taste. Nothing like a cheesy ad to rip you out of the gaming experience. I don't think turning games into commercials is the way to go.

name3958d ago

If it's just like...some advertisement on a billboard I won't mind at all. As long as there isn't any FREE CREDIT REPORT.COM BABY commercials in place of load screens I'm okay with it. I expect to see alot of advertisements in dice's Mirror's edge game. Given all of its billboards.

DraconWolfX3958d ago

I don't mind unobtrusive and relevant in-game advertising. In fact, I was a little sad that in MLB08: The Show there wasn't in game advertising. Not seeing the authentic ads in the stadiums is a bit weird (the Budweiser and Citgo signs at Fenway, the Japanese ads at Yankees Stadium etc). It would have been a nice touch towards realism.

But yeah, if it were billboard advertising or something like that from MLB or Madden then I'm all for it.

ChampIDC3958d ago

This worked out fairly well on Planetside if anyone recalls. The ads were only placed in the central hub area of your main base where the enemy could never be. Sure, the audio was a little annoying, but it didn't distract you from action, since there was no action in that area. I can definitely see this being added to many more games in the future.

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