Rise Of The Argonauts: Codemasters Premieres Trailer & Official Press Release

XboxOZ360 reports:

"This has the "possibilities" of being something worthwhile. I'm never really attracted to games of this nature, but based on the older Greek Mythologies has me seriously considering taking up the challenge of Jason to get his revenge against those responsible for the killing of his wife, "whether with the gods or against them".

It has all the hallmarks of an epic and from the early screens it is showing some decent promise. And if Codies can deliver on this, like they did with GRID recently, then it could well prove to be one of the best mythological slashers for 2008. Codies are working with Liquid Entertainment on this project and as yet, no code has been offered out for preview for us, but we'll be on their backs to grab some and give you a "x360-Hands-On" just as soon as we can."

You'll find the FMV Trailer released on the 16th June by Codemasters after the jump along with the full press release...

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