Yakuza Zero's sexy actress video released

On August 24, SEGA held a special online program in Japan with the sexy actress team from Yakuza 0. SEGA have now published the official video of the program that can watch here. You can see all the girls who will appear in the game, and you can meet some members from the development team too.

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theshredded1551d ago

Sexy,Asians have the hottest bodies.
They're healthy and not injected with grease like Murica

shaenoide1551d ago

They seem to be one fry short of a happy meal...

dafegamer1551d ago

wth at the first two posts o.O

Septic1551d ago

Lol I know right. Funny though.

Paprika1551d ago

You could so easily use this article to filter out a certain type of guy lol.

Inception1551d ago

'Ai Uehara, Mana Sakura, Chika Arimura...' dragon just wake up and now it wants some fresh meat >:D

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