How to choose the right gaming PC

In general, purchasing a new PC is difficult, but buying a computer designed to play high-end video games, makes things even more complicated, especially if you aren’t familiar with the somewhat complicated PC gaming landscape.

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Review - Fabledom (PC) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "I liked the fact that Fabledom didn’t demand a lot from me. It’s an easygoing citybuilder which gives you a bit of variety on how to develop your town. The extra activities your heroes can partake one were beyond basic, but a nice addition, regardless. I wish there were more building options, especially when it comes to bigger buildings, however. With that being said, it was definitely better than the vast array of overcomplicated, task-like city builders released over the past years, so this one is an easy recommendation for fans of the genre looking for something a bit different from the usual suspects."

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Star Trek: Legends Comes To PC

Looks like one for Star Trek fans on PC to try. The Previously Apple Arcade Exclusive.
Tilting Point and developer Emerald City Games has officially launched Star Trek: Legends, the hit franchise's official team-based


Life by You Creators Tried "Everything" to Avoid Cancellation

A former Life by You developer claims the game was doing "extremely well" before cancellation, and that he and his team weren't told why it was canceled.

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shinoff218317h ago

They definitely got paid off by ea

Snookies126h ago(Edited 6h ago)

No doubt, considering the thousands of dollars a single person can spend just on DLC for Sims 4. They don't want that cash cow being threatened. I used to be a huge Sims fan, now I'm just disgusted by what it's become.

D4Damager4h ago

From what I heard from a friend in the industry and apparently this is pretty well known to a lot of groups, they relied really heavily on AI in the game. The AI basically broke which would have caused the devs thousands of hours of work to rework a lot of things from scratch.

Theres also people saying the higher ups didn't want AI being used, and when they found out they went ballistic. But thats more of a conspiracy theory/rumor more than anything else Im told.

Real shame either way, showed a lot of promise. Regardless, Dev's got screwed hard :(