The Shape of Things: Hands-on with Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions | Xbox Wire

The return of Sierra Entertainment is one of the more out-of-the-blue surprises of the summer, buoyed by the fact that one of the first titles to be released under its banner will be a new Geometry Wars title for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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Fullbucket1498d ago

Why is PS3/4 tagged? In saying that, this looks like a blast. Wonder how it'll be compared to Resogun.

Wikkid6661498d ago

Because it's coming out on PS too.

darthv721498d ago

its a geometry wars game. There should be no comparison to resogun. if there is any sort of comparison then it will be with stardust or nano assault.

TardcoreGamer1498d ago

It's multiplat this time. It should be a lot better than resogun.