Sean Murray talks No Man's Sky's beginning, upgrading and a player's purpose

Sean Murray spoke about No Man's Sky upgrading, its beginning and purpose for players.

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ThunderPulse1504d ago

Wow it isn't just exploration like Dora the Explorer.

gangsta_red1504d ago

Man, this game is really going to be good. I hope all he is saying is not just pre-hype but actual truth. Regardless this is the one game that has me excited. It'll be interesting if they allow mods or if anyone will make mods for this on PC.

Mega241504d ago

Would be great if they get some gameplay videos soon, been following this game since its reveal.

DigitalRaptor1504d ago

Everything they've shown so far is gameplay.

Mega241504d ago

Yes, you are right on that, but its not actual gameplay demoing like others do at E3, or similar expos. They show trailers of bits and pieces of gameplay, nothing more.

Kryptonite42O1503d ago

I'm with you, more gameplay videos would be nice. I think though, that they want to avoid showing too much, as the game is a lot about discovery and exploration.. which they want you do do yourself.
Hyped for this game though. Hopefully its first quarter 2015, because I want the wait to be as short as possible!

sonicsidewinder1504d ago

"There are different roles you could play; you could be an explorer, a trader, a pirate looking for trade routes to plunder – or you could protect other ships from pirates,"

Like every other game like this before.

I don't get this game's hype.

Irishguy951504d ago

No other game has the planet to planet exploration this game does, not even star citizen. Don't get me wrong i'm very cautious of this game because of the way it's being made but eh, it's totally worth the hype, just so long as you remember that procedural generation COULD **** this game up totally.

I'm glad theres customization and stuff now confirmed. Very glad, I thought the object of this game was to explore and thats it. Now I know otherwise, it sounds alot better than my 'caution' stopped me from believing. But yeah, we'll see.

user56695101504d ago

Planet cubed said this beginning of this year before they said it. Plus starbound been doing this for a year, it's just not in 3d

Gamerbeyond1504d ago

this indie dev should partner up with a big name dev and make a bigger sequel to NMS, that would be a AAA goty winner.

DigitalRaptor1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

One step at a time. They've already partnered up with Sony for release, I think they'll be helping Hello Games, where they can.

Still, the game is easily AAA in scope, and the amount of content outclasses most AAA games, just by the very nature of the procedural generation they are going for.

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