Logic Locked: Nintendo’s Stance On Region Locking

Automaton's Shehzaan Abdulla looks at the logic (or lack thereof) behind Nintendo's decision to region-lock their hardware, most notably the "new 3DS range". The rationale he comes up with isn't encouraging, suggesting that there is no convincing pro-consumer reason to opt for region-locking.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1501d ago

While Region Locking is an issue that needs to go away, at the same time I don't think that the number of people who actually do import games to save money/gain access to games that don't hit their region is large enough for this to be a dramatic barrier for people looking to buy the latest games.

It does need to go away, though, and for that, there needs to be a convincing movement on our part.

If Japan, for instance, starts getting a huge amount of RPG's for the N3DS or something, and Nintendo realizes that the demand for these games makes paying to get alternate-language ports impractically expensive, then I think they'll likely drop region locking again just to save costs while allowing players to get these games.

In short, if we want Nintendo to drop region locking, we've got to come up with a way of showing them that the minority that wants these other-country-only games, is starting to grow to a point that they can't ignore.

Any ideas, people?