DayZ producer on concerns about game's development

Many people have lost faith in DayZ's development. A thread cropped up in which Brian Hicks, the producer himself comments.

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Serrafina1503d ago

I'm surprise it's taking long.

acemonkey1503d ago

yeah can you fix this damn crashes i get play 1hour of game play then its over...never buy alpha again lesson learn

acemonkey1503d ago

does people disagree for no reason lol

Timesplitter141503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

People disagree because he clearly has no idea what an Early Access is. I swear some people seem to think Early Access means "magical early release so you dont have to wait". An early access is broken, incomplete and unbalanced BY DEFINITION. If it wasnt all of these things, then it wouldnt be early access anymore.

In short, you buy these games to find what's wrong with the game and help with the development, not to complain to the devs. If you can't deal with the bugs, you wait for the full release

acemonkey1503d ago

@timesplitter14 was i expecting a full game upon release no... but do i think they should solve the crashes and other issues yes instead of adding tshirts or new hats ...almost a year in alpha should be playable on my pc

RedSoakedSponge1503d ago

the people who make t-shirts and hats and stuff are not the same people who handle the technical side of the game and its stability (obviously). so it makes no difference if cosmetic items are being made while the technical issues are still there (and being sorted out, but it takes a lot of time with certain things).

Timesplitter141503d ago

Not everyone in the team is working on the same issue. They need to give their 3D artists stuff to do. Same for game designers, AI programmers, sound team, network programmers, gameplay programmers, etc. Only a few people can actually work on the crash issues, and no one can ever know how long it will take to fix them

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NewAgeisHere1503d ago

Worst Steam purchase ever............not worth playing in the current state. I learned my lesson, never buy games in alpha.

Reefskye1503d ago

Not really as when game is finally released it will be full price like ARMA you saved your self £20. Plus it clearly says when you buy on steam this game is in early development don't buy if your looking to play a full finished game. I bought DayZ when it was first released I haven't played for months but I will be playing when game is finally released and I save myself £20 instead of buying it at £40 when its finally finished.

NewAgeisHere1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The way things are going Dayz may be obsolete by the time it releases..........they are taking way too long with it.

Koopdogg1503d ago

Absolutely delighted , nobody could say a bad thing about the mighty Dayz .

Funny a different game with a similar name at first ,was slated to the ground .
Uhhh !!!! Funny that , has delivered to it fans !!!!!

Dayz ,bahhh ,dont make me laugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RedSoakedSponge1503d ago

the copycat game you speak of is still a huge laughing stock to the gaming community. nothing has changed. "delivered to its fans"?! where the hell are you getting this information? WarZ was a joke and still is even after it changed its name to get rid of the bad rep.