Firefox 3 Download Day

Neocrisis: Firefox 3 has more than 15,000 improvements which make it faster, safer and smarter than before. Lets help Firefox 3 get the Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. In less than a fews hours, Firefox 3 will official be available for download after almost 3 years of active development.

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freakyzeeky3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Hit agree if you are downloading it too! :-D

freakyzeeky3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

It will be available for download at 10am PST

Ahhh! It's my last bubble! *cries*

Kain813777d ago

Yes iam sure
I will ^^

Seraphim3777d ago

already done. Pledged a few weeks ago, and can't wait till later today to finally download... Firefox FTW!!

freakyzeeky3777d ago

It's so cuddly and cute, and still... at the same time, fierce and formidable, and no one can #@$% with it! :D

wAtdaFck3777d ago

Firefox has given me the ease and simplicity that I always look for in software, and I can't wait to download Firefox 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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