The State Of NHL 15 Is Your Fault

NHL 15 for Xbox One and PS4 is missing a ton of features. The solution for most dissatisfied gamers on forums or message boards is to not buy NHL 15 and wait for the inevitable NHL 16.

This is not a way to make EA get the message that mistreating consumers is not okay. They should never see a dime from virtual hockey fans as long as they live… But it seems that if you enjoy hockey games and eventually want a new one, you don’t have a choice but to buy EA’s NHL game because int’s the only one available on the market, and no competition will appear anytime soon.

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badz1491504d ago

wat wat wat? EA's shortcomings are gamers' fault? WTF? EA is a money grabbing cheapskate assholes, PERIOD!

NicholasDeRosa1504d ago

Because they keep buying the game... Or skipping the game to buy the next one.

badz1491504d ago

is it wrong for gamers to hope for something better coming their way? it's still EA's fault for pissing them in the face and there's no way around that! if only they knew the game would be such a let down, I doubt they will even buy it in the first place but how would they know until they buy it? I'm not condoning piracy here but looking at how EA is treating their customers lately, you should just pirate their games to see in what way EA is trying to screw them next before committing to buy!

MrPink20131504d ago

The less it sells the less likely they will invest in the series. EA is more about making money than pleasing loyal fans.

spacedelete1504d ago

typical gaming websites always blaming gamers. you know the people who put food on your plate by clicking your troll articles.

EinRobot1504d ago

Its the victims fault huh? Are we to blame for crappy articles posing as journalism as well?

NicholasDeRosa1504d ago

I think that you guys are misinterpreting the title... It has more to do with the fact that people keep buying it when they have the choice not to... and proceed to whine every year.

So, yes, it's EA's fault, but the consumers play a large role in encouraging them.

EinRobot1504d ago

The only year I have made comments about the game being a rip off is this year. I also am not buying it this year. So...your point was what again?

DefenderOfDoom21504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Remember , they are going to add some features that are missing in NHL 15 , in the near future with a patch ! Also me and 5 of my friends that i grew up with up , are going to have a ball , spending 100 of hours playing NHL 15 this year !
What you forgot to mention in the article , most people who buy EA NHL HOCKEY every year, have so much fun playing the game !!

mopground1504d ago

thats cool, theres 6 of you? too bad otp will only be 5v5

ginganinja1504d ago

I'd suggest it's more to do with it being the first iteration on this gen of console for a mid-tier game which wouldn't have a massive budget behind it. And the missing modes are simply due to them not having sufficient development time to get it all down - hence some features coming in the next couple of months.

The 'problem' with NHL 15 is in part due to the previous games being so good.

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