ZTGD | Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Vita) Review

Jae Lee writes: Before I delve in detail about my thoughts regarding this title, I’ll first state that I have not watched a single episode of the anime or read a volume of the manga.

I was actually planning on watching the show at one point due to its positive reaction during the first arc of the season, but I was unfortunately spoiled on of basically all the big plot points by some very obnoxious individuals and after hearing about the fall of quality in the second arc, I decided to skip it altogether.

So when I went into reviewing SAO:HF, I was concerned that my lack of exposure to the series would hinder my enjoyment of the game. While my unease didn’t end up being a significant point of contention, the abysmal localization and a poor mix of complex mechanics made enjoying this title very difficult.

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