Shadow Of Mordor Hands On At Skewed And Reviewed

During theircoverage of PAX Prime, Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed logged some hands on time with Shadow of Modor. He praised the graphics and action of the game as well as the personalities of the enemies.

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wscarborough141504d ago

If this game isn't good I'll swear off LOTR games forever...

Volkama1504d ago

When I saw the initial trailers that had the Assassin's Creed vibe I was totally disinterested. They had good feedback, but didn't look like my kind of game.

Since then it has been slowly clawing back my attention with speak of a good combat system, story, and graphics.

Could be a surprise entry onto the list of good games this year.

--bienio--1504d ago

Yes Im waiting for this game since last year!! Cant wait any longer!!;)

Budobear1504d ago

I overheard the manager of the game store I was in this morning talking about this game. He gave it a glowing review. The more I heard about the game the better it sounds.

WeAreLegion1504d ago

Please be good!!! We need a good LotR game.

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