GameStop Reveals PS3 Attach Rate

its quarterly financial statement call, GameStop revealed some surprising attach rate numbers for the PS3 and Wii. Sony's latest console saw a low attach rate of 1.5 games per console sold, with Madden NFL 07 and Resistance: Fall of Man the best-selling titles. Wii saw a "surprisingly good" attach rate of 3.0 games per system sold. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Red Steel were the top sellers at GameStop and EB Games.

GameStop executives believe the low attach rate for PS3 is do to the "large percentage of PS3s resold at a huge premium." It is believed that once the PS3 is in the hands of "real gamers," PS3 titles should see a growth in attach rate.

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Sphinx4352d ago

...someone saying Xbox Wii60... and it's looking that way right now... of course that can change.

Tut4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

I remember people (Xbox fanboys) freaking out about the attach rate for the PS3 as being "under 1 game per console" and saying that it was going to be that way for a long time, even though the Sony fanboys and intellects argued it was too soon to take such a poll.

Weird, isn't it? Every dog has their day.

P.S. My comment wasn't aimed directly at you so don't take it that way, I just replied to your comment because it used a line I was going to manipulate. My comment was meant to be sarcasm so I can giggle at the fanboys.


calderra4352d ago

Wii's attach rates (beat?) 360 (I don't remember teh exact rate, but it was 2+), while PS3 lags behind.

So it was too early crushing them for the .98 (which was in fact only in Japan), but not too early to go for teh low general attach rate, which is still pretty low.

Initial estimates of the number of PS3s on eBay put the system pretty close to 360 in terms of resale. That number might also need to be refined, but at launch, it didn't appear PS3 was being resold much (if at all) more than 360 had been.

Silverwolf4352d ago

According to some other article I just read. Sony better not have a high attach rate because this can be a "bad" thing.

Sphinx4352d ago

Yeah! This low attach rate is much better.

Balance4352d ago

uhh how can they expect a high attach rate. people just dropped $750+tax but console and 1 game (assuming no second controller) another $60 + tax would suck.

power of Green 4352d ago

Man how will Sony make their money back.

marcusfenix4352d ago

They are losing over $300 per console sold, losing money for xploding batteries, being investigated by the government etc.....

The PS3 launch was a total FLOP, Microsoft has Sony beaten and bleeding right now all they have to do is wait till the right moment to snap Sony's neck.

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The story is too old to be commented.