Destiny’s Warlock Class: Tips For The First Two Hours

Destiny’s Warlock is both tough and fragile. Here’s how to survive as Bungie’s newest wizard.

As Destiny goes live this week, the VG247 team will be exploring the world through each class, offering tips and sharing experiences of Bungie’s first-person MMO.

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RyanShutup1553d ago

Tips for Destiny's Warlock Class:

1. Restart game
2. Choose Titan


Cryptcuzz1553d ago

Titans are for noobs! ;)

At least for the Warlock, you somewhat have to aim for its super charge ability.

I will be starting with the Hunter.

See you around Guardian!

RyanShutup1553d ago

Hahaha nice! See you online!!! #salute #dance

3-4-51553d ago

Running a Warlock now. at lvl 9. It's really fun so far, but I definitely feel the slight lack of armor.

Still though I can spec for more armor though.

Cryptcuzz1550d ago

Warlocks are cool, keep at it and you will be fine. The Warlock has an ability that will heal him dramatically and when I played PVP, this one guy kept doing that right when I would try to kill him and I couldn't!

Yes...he ended up killing me each time :(
One would need to engage the Warlock when that ability is on cool down, or catch him off guard.

I am running with a Hunter and we are the squishy-est class and I seem to do fine. So I know you should do fine as well.

See you around Guardian!