Destiny PS4 vs Xbox One Video Comparison: PS4 Has Vibrant Colors And Sharper Image Quality

"A few weeks ago we had compared the beta versions of Destiny on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We concluded that the PS4 version has better texture filtering but since it was only the beta version there was no way to declare which version looks better."

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Webbyy3312d ago

Not really.. to me it's just the brightness seems different

xHeavYx3312d ago

We all know the PS4 version is the most optimized one

DeadRabbits3312d ago

If u like playing your games with shades on then the xbone version is a must buy!

pinkcrocodile753312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

@xHeavYx - You're right it probably is, though not for ALL multi platform games.

Having played Tomb Raider on my Xbox One and then borrowing my mates TR from my new PS4 I really couldn't tell the difference. Admittedly it's an older game though.

I suppose if you put them side by side you'll see little differences but it's a bit like switching from DVD to Blu Ray you notice it at first for a few minutes but then you're just playing a game and you don't notice.

Mind you only die hard fans and lunatics play these games side my side

StrangerX3312d ago

If you really look at the video it shows like there are more effects like debris moving and going in the Xbox One version "and both are synchronized perfectly" so it looks like it has more going on screen than the PS4 version that because its has less stuff flying around it makes it look prettier but they look pretty much the same nonetheless.

xHeavYx3312d ago

You must need glasses, the Xbox version can't even go past 30 FPS on the Xbox One

bleedsoe9mm3311d ago

look pretty much the same , at times i forgot the line was there

Gazondaily3311d ago

PS4 version for me but yeah, kinda weird how a Bungie game runs better on Sony's console as opposed to MS'.

Well I find it weird. Its like Naughty Dog making games that run better on an Xbox console. That would be weird.

Still, the differences aren't stark and chances are, you will hardly notice at all. Bungie have done a good job on all consoles technically, even older gen consoles.

u got owned3311d ago

So... I see now its ok to believe Gamingbolt. The double standard is strong in here.

Looks the same to me. PS4 its a bit brighter.

sAVAge_bEaST3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Draw Distance on the Ps4 Ver. -seems slightly better, also a little bit sharper image quality.

Evilsnuggle3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )


The PS4 version of Destiny will most likely be the superior version . Just like 99% of PS4 vs X1 multi platform games. Why because PS4 is more powerful hardware. The only way that any game is not superior on the PS4. Is because of

A. The game is not that graphically demanding and both PS4 and x1 have hardware head room to run the game at it full resolution and frame rates.

B. The developer gimping the PS4 version for the sake of parity. The PS4 has 50 % more GPU cores. PS4 vs X1 both GPU benchmarked by digitalfoundry PS4 GPU has a average of 30% performance advantage.

Ask in pc enthusiast if to GPU's in the same series . One GPU in the same series has 50% more GPU cores which is more powerful. The pc enthusiast would just laugh in your face.

I don't know why x1 fans read these PS4 vs X1 multi platform games comparisons. The PS4 is going to be better than X1. Just enjoy inferior version of the multi platform game and x1 exclusives games/early access to DLC .

P.S I would take a video game comparison with a grain of salt from gamebolt . We will have to just wait for the official PS4 vs X1 comparison news from digitalfoundry.


"Typical PSN4G hypocrisy"

It's not hypocrisy to expect more powerful hardware PS4 to preform better than weaker hardware x1.

I think that even x1 fans expect the PS4 version to be better than X1 version. Comment like the preformance gap is closing or PS4 only performs slightly better . Is a indication that x1 are admitting that the PS4 multi platform games are superior to multi platform games on x1.
( It call common sense)

PONTIAC08G8GT3311d ago


There's a reason why you only have one bubble. You can be a PS Fanboy without coming across as one.

"Just enjoy inferior version of the multi platform game and x1 exclusives games/early access to DLC."

That basically says it all. Basically saying the X1 is only good for exclusives or early DLC. I don't like the Playstation, but I know that multi platform games should look better on the PS4 because it's more powerful. X1 isn't "inferior" and is still powerful, just not like the PS4. That being said, the graphical difference between these 2 platforms isn't earth shattering. I saw a larger difference in BF4 than I do for Destiny.

pixelsword3311d ago


If you put it on 1080p, you'd see the difference, because I had the same conclusions until I changed the video settings.

XBLSkull3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Yeah the PS4 version needs some work on the brightness settings but that can be tweaked on a TV. Other than that the games look exactly the same except there appears to be more dust and particles flying in the X1 version.

At 1:00 you don't even know you are being shown two versions of the game.

Boody-Bandit3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )


"I saw a larger difference in BF4 than I do for Destiny."

Of course you saw more of a difference with BF4 over Destiny. BF4 is a more intensive and demanding game. BF4 on the PC is a benchmark title. Along with Crysis 3. BF4 has photo realistic type graphics where as Destiny has a cartoon like appearance to it. Especially the color palette.

That is exactly where the PS4 will set itself apart from the X1. With games that are more demanding. I personally never thought Destiny was that great looking game. It's not a bad looking game at all but it's not exactly a stunner either. It being cross platform probably doesn't help. Although I do think it's a really good game and so far I'm having a great time playing it. Getting back on in a couple hours.

darthv723311d ago

It looks like the same game just running on different tv's. Like what you would see at best buy or target when they have all their sets tuned to the same feed.

its done to give you the visual impression of which one has the color or brightness/contrast you may like. but the source material is the same, ie...the game looks good overall and will appear differently depending on the set you use.

NukaCola3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Xbox version doesn't look washed out but it's odd it has a film of darkness. 360 was big for crushed blacks which looks really good sometimes but this looks too dimmed. PS4 version looks vibrant. I assume that a simple brightness adjustment for both would tweak them to perfection.

gootimes3311d ago

Somebody call digital foundry!

fr0sty3311d ago

1. The video is obviously poorly upscaled from a lower resolution, or poorly downscaled to fit both frames in, one or the other. all edges are jaggy and low res.

2. This is a cross gen game whose next gen versions barely differ from the last gen. This isn't much to speak of, especially since both are so similar.

DarkZane3311d ago


"That basically says it all. Basically saying the X1 is only good for exclusives or early DLC."

Even for that, it's not good.

Unspoken3311d ago

If you are going to buy a console for Destiny, look at the rest of the games line up for each and make your decision based off that. Most cross platform games look very similar, as opposed to a game running on something much more expensive.

The graphical comparisons between the two are like comparing two turbo sub compacts, one at 230 HP (PS4) and one at 200 HP (XB1). If racing is limited to a straight line, typically the higher HP will win. When looking at real world driving or on a course, you take much more into consideration as you look at the rest of the parts/components used in the system. The graphical differences become less apparent when you have a high end gaming PC (Nissan GTR or Toyato Supra).

Both systems are great but I was wowed more by the technology and software used in the Xbox One after testing each one at home.

UltraNova3311d ago

I'll wait for Digital Foundry's take on this, thanks.

lfc_4eva3311d ago



They are exactly the same except whoever has captured these cannot set their tv to similar settings.

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XxExacutionerxX3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Xbox One verison looks better. Better lighting and color. The Ps4 verison looks to washed out.

spacedelete3312d ago

no the PS4 version looks better just as every multiplatform game. the thing with Xbox One games is that the hardware is increasing the brightness so people THINK it looks better when in fact PS4 has the better graphics and detail.

its very sneaky method MS is using and fools like you believe them.

Foehammer3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

They look essentially the same...

All tv's have adjustments for

colour saturation

make it look what ever way you like.

How can you tell anyway, when PSN is down already?


Death3312d ago

It's awesome when someone has to explain you "think it looks better" because you were tricked. Essentially, if you think it looks better, you are wrong?

If you think one or the other looks better, adjust the settings on your tv.

StrangerX3312d ago

well there is more stuff like debris and wind showing on the Xbox one version and both are synchronized perfectly so no one can say that its because there is different timing in the video.

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lelo2play3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

LOL. Maybe gamingbolt doesn't know how to change the contrast and brightness of the X1 version.
As for this comparison, it's not valid. Bungie told us not to trust first day reviews (witch include first day comparisons) :-)

Now being serious... looking at the screenshots the PS4 version does look a bit sharper then the X1 version.