Call Of Duty Has Become "Expected," Just Like Madden, Doom Designer Says

Some would argue that this year's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with its super-ability exosuits, is making a dramatic step forward for the series. But Doom designer John Romero doesn't see much meaningful year-over-year innovation for the franchise. Speaking with Edge, Romero said he understands why Call of Duty is a chart-topper every year, but claimed the core design of the franchise hasn't shifted much.

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LazyGoron1499d ago

Obviously... this year has me excited, however.

CarlosX3601498d ago

(This is not directed at you, @LazyGoron, so excuse me.)

...And your point is?

The last time I checked: It was 10 years ago, your team released a Doom title. Not a very good title, I might add.