Is Destiny destined to be a victim of its own hype?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "It's looking like it could be entirely possible that in the promotion of the game, Activision allowed people to get their expectations up too much. With numbers such as $500 million being bandied about, people expected to be blown away from the very first moment, and this is simply not happening."

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TimeSkipLuffy1527d ago

When I first heard about Destiny I was hyped because this is the game I always wanted to play. At least from what I heard and what had been said by the developers and PRs.
Then I played the beta. First it was quite a lot of fun. The gameplay mechanics were refined, graphic was lovely and no framerate issue at all. But after a few hours of playing I got bored. There was almost no story. OK, it's a beta. This is what I said to myself. But the whole game for me felt like a MP shooter with different maps and some sort of solo campaign that animates you to make fire teams, meet other gamers and fight the good fight.
Somehow I imagined a open world RPG Shooter with NPCs and other gamers to interact with (if you want), a really big map to explore filled with gamers, enemies and maybe some sort of other life. I mean Destiny plays on a more than one freaking whole planet. The map would've seen endless.
I wanted to pre-order this game but I didn't.

Bottom line: If I want to play a great Story RPG shooter, I play a game like Fallout 3. If I want to play a loot/RPG I play Borderlands. Destiny is a bit of everything but that is a problem. Because I am missing that thing that makes this game special.

3-4-51527d ago

This game is awesome so far.

For ME, it's more than lived up to the hype and then some.

I didn't play the Beta or anything though, so this is my first experience with it.

Got to lvl 4 last night after midnight release.

I LOVE that you kind of have to figure things out here and there and it doesn't just hold your hand EVERYWHERE.

The enemies are actually challenging, especially if you try it solo or under lvl'd a bit.

* Those 4 hours of Destiny so far, were more fun than I had playing the last 3-4 COD games + Halo 4 combined.

* So yea for ME, this game definitely "clicked", and I'm loving every second of it.

Bout to go lvl up the Warlock now.

mikeslemonade1526d ago

I feel like I'm buying the game just on hype. I didn't enjoy the beta that much. I spent my time glitching in the beta.

Palitera1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

The famous jack of all trades, master of none?

It might be for some. To me, it doesn't even qualify as a jack. Everything is SO meh and repetitive... Lucky me that wasn't expecting anything above 8.5. Bought it for a 7.5 game and that's what I am seeing.


On topic, WTF?

How does a sales record breaker qualify as a victim? They hyped, idiots believed, they sold.

Works every time.

ShowGun9011526d ago

Well I'm not an "idiot" and I think it's a 9 game... Me and my friends are having a blast with it, can't wait to get some end game gear

Palitera1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

The idiots are the people who said "11/10!!!" from marketing itself, before playing it.

-Foxtrot1527d ago


Not our fault though, it's Bungies, the game was announced way to early, the same happened to WatchDogs.

Septic1527d ago

Agreed. Destiny also hyped this to high heaven in the early days; this was supposed to have a narrative that rivalled Star Wars and be a game that finally melded the FPS genre with MMO's for consoles. Turns out, its a Halo/Borderlands hybrid which is okay but FAR removed from what many were led to expect.

Ah well.

-Foxtrot1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I know right

I mean I've been playing it this morning and despite having a place to select missions you are basically in the same location, the only thing which changes is the main mission. It gives of the illusion that it's this massive world because you are hovering around a ship but really on ground you are just going to different parts of the map like you would do in Borderlands

As I've said Bungie should of just spent that money in making a single player and co-op game where up to 8 - 10 players at once can roam around together in one HUGE map with lots to explore. Maybe have three huge maps with secrets, treasures, loot cases then you can add other planets/maps as DLC.

Hell is it just me or when you are "exploring" the map you feel you can't really explore because there's nothing really to find except for Golden Chests and the odd dead Ghost here and there, you are basically following the marker to the missions...that's it. Unlike something like Borderlands where there is loot cases everywhere or Skyrim where you can find all sorts of stuff. Plus if you do explore the enemies spawn way too quickly

There really should be an offline mode so you can pause, the enemies don't respawn so fast, you can explore more etc

vickers5001526d ago

I'll reserve judgement for when I get to actually play the game myself and will take the opinions of n4g people claiming it's "overhyped" with a massive grain of salt (or small, whichever works best).

I'd be willing to bet a lot of these people claiming Destiny is "overhyped" are the same people who were saying The Last of Us Remastered will or should win game of the year, the same people fawning over ONE remaster of a game that isn't very old.

I played the alpha of destiny and had an absolute blast, some of the most fun I've had in a LONG time with video games, definitely the most fun I've had with any ps4 game so far (own bf4, ac4, infamousSS, transistor and some plus games). I was a LITTLE bit bored with the beta, but that's because I'd already spent like 20+ hours in old russia earth and had explored everything, the hour or so time I spent on the moon reinvigorated my excitement for the game.

Many people are saying this is like halo meets borderlands, like that's somehow a bad thing. Well Borderlands is my favorite gaming franchise, I've poured a ton of hours into it with my friends, and I love it, and even if all Destiny is, is a merger of those two games, well then it's already a homerun in my eyes.

Not to say that it will be a great game for sure, I still need to play it myself to judge it, but forgive me if I don't latch on to the opinions of people who go batcrap crazy over a remaster of a game that's not even a year old and also think a linear third person shooter with a little bit of platforming elements (uncharted 2) is the greatest game of all time.

Not an Xbox Fanboy by the way, I own a ps4 and a wii u, don't even have an xbone yet.

aviator1891527d ago

It's certainly not a masterpiece.
From what I've played, it's good, decent fun with friends (with friends, however). This is not a game you want to play alone. The story is lacking and the missions do become repetitive as there really isn't any sort of variety with the missions.
So far, I'd give it around 8/10.

Bonkerz1527d ago

Only problem is that the content is going to run out and quick. Yesterday middle of day i saw people streaming that were close to max level already. Only one raid, so really after you do that what will there be to do other then the same stuff over and over. Im gonna go ahead and say that this game will die out much sooner than anyone expected. This game could be a huge disappointment.

n4rc1527d ago

Ya.. But some people have no lives and do these speed runs insanely fast..

I remember a guy hit gen 10 on titanfall within like a week..

Hard to say how long a normal player will get out of it.. It seems to be a very dlc heavy game.. Although there's always free dlc as well.. So who knows

Maybe they hit delays and released it light on content which they'll add in as they finish it up

TimeSkipLuffy1527d ago

I believe what we get is the basis and something to do first. Then the world will expand with each DLC and and game addons that are not included in the DLC pass to earn more money.

ScorpiusX1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

It's a possibility seeing as how they praised it like the next coming . Worst case it does happen they deal with it, learn and move. As for me am going to give my friends crap for praising it like school girls. Lol

@ironmonkey that's if this one meets Activision numbers , cause the next one if their is one will be scrutinized by Activision .

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