MGSV Snake statue to be displayed at TGS, and this is how it looks

The Snake statue Gecco is working on will be displayed at Tokyo Game Show (which starts next week). Kojima posted two new photos on his Twitter, and as you can see, the statue now has colors.

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Paprika1553d ago

Kinda looks like Trevor from gta with more hair and a beard....

Nyxus1553d ago

He looks a bit angry.

Paprika1553d ago

He realised every time he opens his mouth he sounds different.... he's not happy!

Gatsu1553d ago

Awesome statue omg <3 :D ! Vic Boss!

TheGreatAndPowerful1553d ago

Damn...that sh*t looks badass!

CaptainYesterday1553d ago

That is one sexy statue but damn why does Snake look so pissed off and insane?

Gatsu1553d ago

Maybe he's mad because he couldn't find a single cardboard box in Camp Omega ;).

Catdawgg1553d ago

His neck looks too long to me. Anyone else think so?

FlameWater1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Snake just found out they stopped selling triple chocolate at Baskin Robbins

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