Activision On Destiny Launch: '$500M Budget Shows The Confidence We Have

Bungie's ambitious shooter Destiny went public with a interstellar bang on Tuesday, propelled by the news that the online FPS has become the most pre-ordered new IP in history.

Backed by the big bucks of Call of Duty firm Activision, the numbers on Destiny's call sheet couldn't conceivably be higher; $500 million, ten years and 4.5 million beta players to quote a few.

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Hellsvacancy1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Yet here we are waiting on reviews, well i'm not really waiting, my mind is already made up, I'm just saying where are the reviews if you're so confident?

cell9891525d ago

I think they want people to actually play the game as a when rather then a quick speed run through the campaign. Then they'll lift the embargo

Palitera1525d ago

So you agree that Dark Souls and Watch Dogd should only be played by reviewers after the public launch as well? That those reviews couldn't have been made?

PR BS. A disclaimer is enough. Reviewers made a mailing list on Dark Souls to exchange info about it, in a game where the MP is much more relevant than in Destiny.

Big deal that you see randoms shooting around. As soon as you enter a "dungeon" area, you are separated from them. I am level 20 now, played a lot of MP matches as well and I can say: the randoms are meaningless.

So, after playing the game, I'm even more sure of that obvious scheme to hide the game.

Jeez, why the heck do we even need to argue about something this visible?! Oh, I know the answer. It is not EA.

Gamers indeed deserve what they get.

JWiLL5521525d ago


You're missing the point. Neither of those games are online only and have focused offline single player campaigns.

aviator1891525d ago

wait, there's still an embargo on destiny reviews??

Lightning Mr Bubbles1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I don't like this, game should of been given out in time to review for launch, this feels like they are holding people hostage, they don't want bad reviews to affect launch sales or something.

Never seen anything like this, where such a hyped game had been getting mixed reactions, and 2 days into it's release, major websites don't have a review yet.

It's a joke, I'm pretty much thinking that they have something to hide, so I expect when reviews do come out, they will be mixed, and I hope this backfires on them. This is crap.

SmielmaN1525d ago

Ya I'm playing now and I have yet to really scratch the surface of what's going on. But I must say, I'm very happy with this game. I feel like I did when I played Halo 2 for the first time. Just a sweet game so far.

Also, love those menus! So slick looking!

pompombrum1525d ago

Is there still an embargo? That's the first I've heard of it. Still, I've pumped 12+ hours in each day since I got it midnight Tuesday and still feel I haven't experienced enough of the game to do a professional quality review. I can understand why they wanted to make journalists wait though, Destiny is a completely different experience when playing with people however they could have planned it so that there would be enough people for journos to play with and experience the game how it was meant to be played.

LordMaim1524d ago

I enjoyed the Alpha, the Beta, and am enjoying the hell out of the game. Even once I get through all the content and the level 20+ content, I'm still on board for the expansions and extra content that comes with it. I've never been much for online play, but me and my co-op friends are having a blast.

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Meltic1525d ago

Here is my Review its repetitive

HanzoHattori1526d ago

I don't know why people keep saying that Destiny costs 500 million, it didn't. Activision is investing 50 million per year over ten years to create a franchise. It would be accurate to say that Destiny costs 50 million to make, but the only way to get clicks and site visits is to make outrageous claims.

Mikefizzled1525d ago

They already said it didn't cost $500m then when it does well they try suggest it was all part of their ballsy master plan?

Reddzfoxx1525d ago

I'm just waiting for the announcement " Destiny is going free to play" and the long loading screens go from watching your ship fly around to commercial ads.

People will say they should have seen it coming and people that paid for the game will be angry.

Ultr1525d ago

And then pay for what? Its free to play after the purchase, you dont have to pay a monthly fee or anything

crusf1525d ago

I don't think that's going to happen.

Sir_Simba1525d ago

Personally i dont think i was confidence, it was either to get the record for highest development cost of a game or some reckless shit.
all Activision does now is try breaking records since GTA beat them to 1 billion

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