Crispy Gamer Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Is Mr. Kojima's latest foray into the Metal Gear Solid universe worth the price of admission if you are new to the series or not a hardcore fan? Tom chick attempts to answer that question in his review.

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pharmd3777d ago

im not sure where i stand on the fact that reviewers dog certain games because they reference previous games in the series.... to me i dont mind but some reviewers are penalizing games for it and im not sure if thats legit or not

kindi_boy3777d ago

LMAO i've never seen so much hate in my life.

"Are you Crispy?"
NO am not gay.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3777d ago

tell us how you really feel! I can stomach this since it is purely his opinion and because of that he didn't put a number or letter grade on it

harrisk9543777d ago

Thanks for posting that link... this website is real crap. I mean, they were just itching to give a bad review to the game even before it was released. What douche bags. I mean, if you are a critic and you don't like the thing you are reviewing, then by all means -- this is a free country -- tell us how you feel. But, they didn't play the game and admitedly did not participate in any press junkets... They sound just pissed off for some reason... this is a nasty diatribe based upon nothing. This is pure crap.

clintos593777d ago

Tell that to the other game sites who said this is one of the greatest games of all time and the best game this next gen. Dont nitpick at the game like u idiots totally forgot to do with halo 3 and gta4. All I can say is im on the third chapter and this game is better then any game I have played this next gen.

Nitpick all u want but FACT is there will never be a halo, or gears or gta game to bring a package as amazing as MGS4 which covers every area of the game. U want great gameplay? It has it. U want great sound? It has it. U want great graphics? It has it. U want great storyline? It has it. U want great replay Value? It has it. WTF more can u ask for. Game sites that nickpick at some bullsh!t need to go get a life and stop reviewing games because in the end u are the ones that look stupid. :)

The Lazy One3777d ago

People with opinions that differ from other people are dumb and wrong...

Syronicus3777d ago

I would say that this is less about a differing opinion and more about a review that was written with no basis for such disgruntled criticism. They have obviously never played the other games which places their review in the "I don't know what I am talking about" category. You can have a differing opinion of something, but I would say that you (the reviewer) owe it to your audience to at least know what you are reviewing rather than ranting about sporadic details far and few between.

A negative review of 100% of the game is ok in my book, it is their opinion but this is a negative review of only 10% of the game and is limited to the judgment of poorly written review and IMHO, rubbish.

The Lazy One3777d ago

they said at the beginning the review was specifically for people that didn't play the other games. You can't expect something to be something it specifically says it's not.

Expy3777d ago

Pretty pathetic. If you can't understand the story, PLAY THE OTHER GAMES MORON. You expect to review a game without knowing the story from the previous games, or without the proper knowledge of world politics, economics, psychology, or being able to pick out metaphors out of almost every aspect of the game.... Don't review it.

The Lazy One3777d ago

You didn't read the first paragraph did you?

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The story is too old to be commented.